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A family trip to a zoo is a must if you have kids in your family. It is the best way to introduce your kids to the vast kingdom of animals. The best zoological gardens in the world not only houses native and diverse animals but also play a pivotal role in conserving and protecting endangered and threatened species. Zoological gardens also have educational purposes. They let you learn and know about the animal habitat and their way of living. Interested to know about some of the best zoological gardens in the world? We have listed some of them down below for you to check out. 

Most Popular Zoological Gardens To Visit In The World:

Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis:

Located in White River State Park, this renowned zoo houses more than 3,800 animals of about 320 species. Not only animals, but the zoo is also home to an aquarium and a botanical garden as well. This zoo has five biomes where animals of similar habitat types have been kept distinctly. There is an ocean biome where you can see California Sea Lion, Unicorn Fish, and even a full-fledged coral reef system. The Forests biome, the Deserts Biome, and the Plains biome seek special mention. Get to see animals like the majestic African lion, Thomson’s gazelle, Ostrich, Southern white rhino at the Plains habitat. And the Deserts biome is all populated with Meerkats, Jamaican Iguana, Central bearded dragon, etc. A great place to take your family to, Indianapolis Zoo is surely one of the best zoological parks to visit in the world.

Hope Botanical Gardens And Zoos, Kingston, Jamaica:


Situating in the Ligunaea Plains of urban St Andrew, the ‘Hope Gardens’ or the Royal Botanical Gardens are the largest public green space in the Kingston Metropolitan Region. Occupying a total area of about 200 acres, these massive gardens house many exotic and endemic botanical collections. If you are a nature lover and want to take in blissful greenery, this is the place where you need to head to. Admire the beauty of the Caribbean flora and explore the many smaller gardens that are parts of the bigger gardens. The cacti garden, the Chinese garden, the sunken garden, and the annual gardens are a few of them.

Hope Zoo is a new addition to the Hope Botanical Gardens where you will meet many animals from Africa, the Caribbean, as well as the Americas. Have meetings with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises, Wild Turkeys, Polish chickens, Military Macaws, and many more. One of the best zoological gardens to visit in the world.

Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix:


Papago Park is famous for one more attraction and that is the Phoenix Zoo. Opened in 1962, Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the USA.  Due to its importance and prominence, it is also designated as one of the Phoenix Point of Prides.

With over 1,400 animals on display that include native animals like bobcats, cougars, and coyotes to animals like lions, giraffes, and cheetahs, this zoo is a place where you will meet many of the majestic animals. Apart from that, the zoo also includes a sanctuary that takes very good care of the endangered and threatened species of animals. All the animals here are housed in four different themed areas that are named ‘trails’. Meet different animals at the Arizona Trail, Africa Trail, Tropic’s Trail, and Children’s Trail. The Children’s Trail is more fun as your kids will get to meet many small animals from around the world.

Wellington Zoo, New Zealand:

Visiting New Zealand’s oldest zoo must be on the card whilst in Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to having a number of native animals, the zoo is also home to more than 1400 animals from as far as Africa and Asia. Apart from being a zoo, it participates in many breeding programs and contributes to many conservation and research programs across the world. The red panda, lions, meerkats, cheetahs, Sumatran tiger, chimpanzees – get to meet all of them. Also, you will meet Red-rumped Agouti, other South American natives like Squirrel Monkeys, Cotton-Top Tamarins, and Golden Lion Tamarins. Nestled in the city’s green town belt, the zoo also houses Tahi, a one-legged kiwi. One of the best zoological gardens to visit in the world. 

Pittsburgh Zoo And PPG Aquarium:


One of only 6 major zoo and aquarium combinations in the US, this zoo sitting over an area of 77 acres is a prime attraction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The zoo features over 4,000 animals that represent about 475 individual species including 20 threatened and endangered species. Established in the year 1898, the zoo has a total of 8 sections. The Kid’s Kingdom has a lovely sea lion exhibit to entertain the little kiddos in the group. The Forest Passage segment features several endangered big cats of Asia. Here you get to see animals like Siberian tigers and komodo dragons as well. Meet the mountain gorillas and gibbons in the Tropical Forest and be eye to eye with the lions, leopards, black rhinos, and nyala at the African Savanna section.

Visiting this sprawling zoo is one of the best and most enticing things to do in Pittsburgh. The 45,000 square foot aquarium contains a wide array of marine exhibits that feature everything from piranha to penguins to even coral reefs.

Berlin Zoological Gardens:

It is the oldest zoo in Berlin and it provides shelter to more than 20,000 big and small animals that include more than 1,380 different species. It is also the oldest zoo in Germany attracting over 3.5 million tourists every year. Besides the normal animals, this zoo has gained international popularity because of Knut, an orphaned polar bear that was born in this zoo. His mother abandoned him and he was raised by the zookeepers. Apart from that, this one of the best zoological gardens is also home to Europe’s biggest aviary and a large aquarium named Aquarium Berlin’.

The zoo has experienced catastrophic episodes of destruction during World War II and the Battle of Berlin. But successful breeding programs have successfully increased the number of rare animals in this zoo gaining its global name and acclaim. If you are in Berlin, you must visit this zoo which is one of the most acclaimed zoological gardens in Europe. 

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