Zoological Gardens In Europe

When you are traveling to a place, especially with your kids, it is really important to add a place or two in your itinerary that the kids would enjoy visiting. And zoos are one such place for sure. Zoos give you and your kids that opportunity to come closer to majestic animals and your kids get to explore the vastness of the animal kingdom. Europe has some of the best zoos in the world that are heaven if you want to see animals from close proximity. Check out below some of the best zoological gardens in Europe that are great fun to visit and your kids will also enjoy getting there.

Best And Top-rated Zoological Gardens In Europe To Visit:

Antwerp Zoo, Belgium:


Just next to the Antwerpen-Centraal locates the oldest animal park in the country. It is also one of the oldest zoological gardens in the world that was established in the year 1843. It also has a sister park naming Planckendael and together with that park, Antwerp Zoo contains more than 7,000 animals that include about 950 species. You need at least half a day to get done with all the animals it has on the exhibit. They try to keep the natural environment as intact as possible. The zoo has separate enclosures for animals where the environment of their natural habitation has been tried to keep natural.

You will meet King penguins, macaroni penguins, and gentoo penguins live in Vriesland with some seals.

Reptile House has many species of snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles, caimans.

In Aquaforum watch out for some California sea lions.

The Savannah Aviary has African buffalos along with different bird species.

Meet koalas, tree-kangaroos at the Kangaroo House.

Ape House contains chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas, and the world’s only eastern lowland gorilla in captivity outside of Africa.

In Egyptian Temple enclosure, there are elephants and giraffes.

There is also a Butterfly Garden.

The zoo conserves endangered animals such as bonobos and okapi.

Apart from all these wonderful animals, the architecture of this one of the best zoological gardens in Europe is worth admiring. The Art Deco facades of the entrance will welcome you to the zoo. There is also a skywalk that you must get up to, to have a panoramic view of the garden. Meet the red pandas on your way and it will be a great place for you to visit if you are in Antwerp if you want to see some exotic animals from all around the world within an aesthetically maintained large campus.

Frankfurt Zoological Garden, Germany:

Featuring more than 5,000 animals from more than 600 different species, this is one of the best zoological gardens in Europe and it spreads over an area of 14 hectares and is the second-oldest zoo in Germany after Berlin Zoological Garden. Established in the year 1858 by the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the zoo is home to many nocturnal and exotic animals. One of the finest zoos in Europe, the place successfully breeds okapi, bongo antelope, and black rhinoceros. The zoo also has an aquarium, a reptile hall, and an insect house. Open every day, this zoological garden is a great place to see animals like gorillas, crocodiles, lions to exotic animals like kiwis and mouse lemurs, soak in the scenic environment, and relax.

Artis Zoo, Netherlands:


One of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe, Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo also happens to be the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. The zoo is small but houses a beautiful collection of animals that include elephants, apes, camels, many bird species, and more. Artis also contains an aquarium, a planetarium, an arboretum that make it more famous and popular. Within its compound, there are 27 historical buildings, many bridges, and ponds too. There is also a large collection of art and sculpture that makes it one of the must-visit attractions in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Vienna Zoo, Austria:

Locating on the ground of the famous Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna Zoo is the oldest continuously operating zoo in the entire world and also is one of the best zoological gardens in Europe to visit. The zoo during the royal time was found as a menagerie where exotic animals were kept for display purposes. Now it serves as a center that is aimed at the conservation of species. The buildings of the zoo still hold the essence of the Baroque era though they have also incorporated modern-day zoo architecture.

The zoo will give you a fun and educational experience when you visit it. The zoo is one of its kind and one among the few zoos where you get to see giant pandas. Yang Yang and Yuan Yuan are sure to melt your heart. Get thrilled to visit the Rainforest House where you get the exact hot and humid environment of a rainforest. Even artificial thunderstorms are created. Get to see bats, Asian small-clawed otters, vampire crabs, and more. There is also a polarium that exhibits the animals of the Arctic region and an aquarium. In the aquarium and terrarium, there are crocodiles, fishes, and numerous birds, and butterflies. The reef aquarium of 80,000-liter size contains corals, fishes, and anemones.

Besides, there are Elephant House, Big Cat House, Rhino House, Polar Bear World, The Insektarium, and many other animals. The zoo opens at 9 am and closes between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm. based on the season.

Berlin Zoological Gardens:

It is the oldest zoo in Berlin and it provides shelter to more than 20,000 big and small animals that include more than 1,380 different species. It is also the oldest zoo in Germany attracting over 3.5 million tourists every year. Besides the normal animals, this zoo has gained international popularity because of Knut, an orphaned polar bear that was born in this zoo. His mother abandoned him and he was raised by the zookeepers. Apart from that, this one of the best zoological gardens is also home to Europe’s biggest aviary and a large aquarium named ‘Aquarium Berlin’.

The zoo has experienced catastrophic episodes of destruction during World War II and the Battle of Berlin. But successful breeding programs have successfully increased the number of rare animals in this zoo gaining its global name and acclaim. If you are in Berlin, you must visit this zoo which is one of the most acclaimed zoological gardens in Europe

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