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The capital of Croatia that is famous for its beautiful architecture and some of the quirkiest museums, Zagreb is slowly but steadily making its own position in the tourism map of Europe. A lovely city with so much to see and do around, Zagreb’s energy and aura will engross you. Start by strolling through the Upper Town’s cobbled alleys and admire the beauty of the churches. The red-roofed buildings are the characteristic features of the Upper Town whereas the lower Town is all glorified by the neo-baroque and art deco buildings. Zagreb, Croatia also boasts a unique shopping scene, a brilliant cafe culture, and it also treasures some hidden gems that are worth exploring. So if you are planning to hit this Croatian capital anytime soon, below are some of the best attractions of the city that are worth checking out. 

In addition to being the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb also happens to be the largest city in the country. Often overlooked by most of the tourists, the city packs a lot and is no less beautiful than Dubrovnik and Split. It has history, has culture, and also can be an ideal base for a few day trips. So without wasting any more time, let us check out some of the best places that must be on your Zagreb, Croatia itinerary. 

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Zagreb, Croatia:

Lower Town:

The Lower Town is the center of Zagreb and it is a modern area that was established at the end of the 19th century. This part of the city is all beautiful with its neo-baroque and art deco buildings and is more famous as Donji Grad. Peppered with museums, shopping stores, art galleries, and spacious parks, Lower Town is classy and elegant. You will notice a definite Viennese influence in its landscape and the Austro-Hungarian buildings and large green spaces add to its beauty. Among the must-visit attractions of Lower Town, there are many things which are listed below. 

The Strossmayer Gallery Of Old Masters – Get to see splendid European paintings of 14th to 19th century. 

  • The National Museum Of Modern Art
  • Museum Of Arts And Crafts
  • Mimara Museum – The most popular art museum in Zegreb. 
  • Ethnographic Museum – A place to learn something about the nature and origin about Croatian culture. 
  • Archaeological Museum – This museum houses the largest coin collection in Europe.

Lower Town is also famous for its spacious gardens. Check out the Botanical Gardens and Maksimir Park. Another major attraction is Lenuci’s Green Horseshoe which is a must-visit. 

Upper Town:

Zagreb’s Upper Town which is also famous as Gornji Grad is located on a plateau and is the oldest part of the city dating back to the 11th century. Unlike the Lower Town, the Upper Town is all about cobbled alleyways, red-roofed buildings, and colossal churches with spires. So if you want to soak in that old-school vibe in Zagreb, Croatia, you must visit the Upper Town. Wander through the alleys, explore its corners, and check out its bars and cafes. This portion of the city is stretched between Kaptol and Gradec Hills and is all about old-fashioned charm. Visit the central square – Trg Jelacica, explore the local market, and visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is famous for its twin spires. 

Lotrscak Tower:

It is a worth-mentioning attraction of the Upper Town and dates back to as early as the 13th century. Built to guard the southern gate of the Gradec town wall, this fortified tower can be entered by normal people, and climbing up to the top of the tower is also possible to have a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. The tower locates at the top of the funicular which connects the Lower and the Upper Town. During noon, a cannon shot is fired from the tower for the last hundred years and the churches of the city adjust their bells listening to that sound. This tower is surely a must-visit whilst in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Jarun Lake:

Also known as the Zagreb Sea, this huge artificial lake that was formed by the Sava River is a must-visit attraction in Zagreb. It locates on the southern edge of the Jarun neighborhood and is popular with tourists and locals alike. A place for relaxation and recreation, people come here to row, paddle, sail, surf, and swim. One can also jog or go biking in the region and surrounding the lake there are many cafes and nightclubs that attract a lot of crowds. If you want to experience Zabreb’s summer festivals, visit this lake area during late June as, during that time, INmusic festival is hosted here which is Croatia’s biggest international contemporary music open-air festival.

Visit The Zagreb Cathedral: 

This Roman Catholic church is the main attraction of Zagreb, Croatia, and its twin spires are the quintessential part of the city’s skyline. It is the second tallest building in Croatia and is also considered the most iconic Gothic building southeast of the Alps. Revered for its great architectural splendor, one of the two spires was damaged during a recent earthquake that took place in March 2020. On your visit, you must check out the cathedral and the treasury. 

Dolac Market:

An inseparable part of the city’s culture and tradition, Dolac Marke is yet another attraction of Upper Town and is there since 1930. many sellers from the locality and nearby villages meet at this market and sell their products. This farmers’ market in Gornji Grad is Zagreb’s main open-air market and it is all vibrant with a lot of colors. Find fresh and local produce there. From fishes to bakery items to fruits to flowers to imported items, you will find anything and everything there. Though it is a morning market but it is operational and can be visited until noon or 1 pm. 

Museum Of Broken Relationship:

We have already mentioned that Zagreb, Croatia has some of the quirkiest museums and this Broken Relationship Museum is surely one among them. The museum tells you different stories of love affairs which eventually got sour and got broken. It exhibits unique personal belongings which were left by many heartbroken lovers and also are accompanied by brief notes. Housed in a pretty Upper Town Baroque palace, originally, the museum started as a traveling collection of different donated items but with time it became permanent. It is a unique place to visit where you get to learn about people’s stories, their broken love, and also why their love did not work. 

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