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A cozy abode amidst the hills or an escape to a seaside retreat from the mundane affairs of usual life, vacation ideas are different for different people. Some of us have adventurous souls and the other prefers more touristy locations just to enjoy the local attractions and good food. Whether you are a water baby or an orophile [one who loves mountain], whether a dendrophile or a plain simple shopaholic, here we have listed down some of the epic vacation ideas for you all that will take your travel experience up to a whole another level.

However small or big, every vacation is unique in its own style. It lets you know the world in a better way. It teaches you to be more empathetic and unfolds the majesty of nature in front of you that you miss sticking to your city life. Whether a family traveler or a free soul seeking the unending adventure of the planet, a couple or a history buff, here you have to check out these magical vacation ideas that are in no particular order and would prove to be the best travel experiences of your life, without any doubt.

Amazing Vacation Ideas For Travelers With Every Taste:


This beautiful eastern Mediterranean island is home to the unspoiled beauty of nature and sun-drenched beaches. And what is more inspiring about this island is that here humans and nature coexist maintaining a perfect harmony. Its traditional villages, archaeological sites, mountains, warm people, you will find everything so fascinating here. Snorkel in the crystal clear water or visit Troodos Mountains during the winter – Cyprus is one of the most amazing destinations on the planet. Also, how can we not tell about Cyprus cuisine? It is a wonderful mix of flavors and aroma and is often considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Kangaroo Island:

Australia’s third-largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island, Kangaroo Island is a world away from the world. With rich wildlife that contains everything from sea lions, koalas, diverse bird species to penguin colonies at Flinders Chase National Park – Kangaroo Island is the world’s one of the most bio-diversity rich destinations to explore. If vacation ideas to you mean wildlife, adventure, plenty of green and romantic sunset – Kangaroo Island in South Australia is the place for you. The long coastline, batches of local wine ensures you a carefree holiday whereas, the koalas, sea lions, and pelicans will welcome you in the warmest way possible.  Enjoy nature walks and gastronomical delights, Kangaroo Island is one of the finest nature-based places on the earth everyone must set a trip to.

Papua New Guinea:

In the southwestern Pacific, encompassing the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands, lies this unique country that is a challenging destination to travel to. The second-largest island on earth that is all famous for its beaches and coral reefs seeks your visit for its outstanding marine diversity and unspoilt beauty of nature.

It is so rich in tribal culture that almost 800 distinct tribal groups reside in this remote country. And they speak in 750 different languages, can you believe it? Among all the must-visit places, you should not miss the National Museum and Art Gallery, The Rainforest Habitat, Tari Basin, Kimbe Bay, Mount Wilhelm, and Tavurvur. Tavurvur is an active stratovolcano on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea, and also is the most dangerous volcano here.

Bodrum, Turkey:

Talking about luxurious vacation ideas, this enigmatic city on Turkey’s southwest coast comes in our mind in the very first place. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean with its turquoise sea backdrop, stunning waterfront, exotic food, glistening nightlife, and everything that we call true luxury.

In antiquity, Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus and it was an ancient Greek city. For a quick snippet of history, you must visit the Castle of St. Peter which also known as Bodrum Castle, and reflects a fine example of Gothic architecture. Have a quick trip to Gumusluk too to experience the exotic Bodrum. Its tranquility, good food, clean beaches, and moody cobblestoned streets will evoke the romantic human being in you.

Provence, France:

Colorful countryside, wine, miles after miles of lavender stretch on anyone’s mind? Looking out for some vacation ideas that give you the best of beautiful France? Then look no further than Provence. Mountainous countryside, beautiful climate, red, violet, and bright yellow flowers – beauty is overwhelming here in Provence. Provence stretches up to the Rhone river valley starting from the Mediterranean coast.

When in Provence, you have to check out its alluringly beautiful villages. Cassis tops the list. Then comes the picturesque village of Castellane. Steeped in antique beauty, squares, alleys rimmed with flowered pots – can a village get more perfect than this? Oh, how can we forget? Do not miss to sip from a glass of diluted pastis before dinner for a wholesome Provence experience.

Socotra, Yemen:

Well known for its Dragon Blood trees and enigmatic island landscape, Socotra’s landscape is uniquely dramatic with all those sand dunes and deep canyons. Some call it an alien island due to its unmatched biodiversity and long isolation from all the parts of the world. More than one third plant life on this island is endemic and the life here looks like nowhere else on this planet. The island is also known as ‘Yemen’s Secret Garden of Eden’.

The largest island of the Socotra Archipelago is also home to numerous endemic fauna, a lot of birds, and reptiles. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2008, Socotra Island must be on every traveler’s bucket list who loves spending time in the midst of hiking, outdoor activities, and wildlife. It is truly a slice of paradise in the Middle East.


No list of vacation ideas can probably come to an end without including this mesmerizing South American country. Apart from the Aztec and Mayan sites which are the most talked-about attractions of the country, there are plenty of more things to do and explore in Mexico. And to top that all, the country’s culinary scenes and diverse culture keep on tantalizing travelers from all around the world.

Want to vacay at a beach here? Mexico has beautiful beaches like Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and many more. History calling? Mexico City’s Historic Center is full of museums and art galleries. Even it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not miss out on the Copper Canyon and admire the magnificence of the Chichen Itza. Also, you have to visit the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Puebla, Mexico that is the largest pyramid by volume known to exist in the world. Explore more Mexico travel places here.

So if you were lacking in some vacation ideas, these were some of the best places in the world to travel to. Whatever taste or choice you might have, there is something or another destination on this planet to fit your preference and budget. So just leave behind all the worries and fly down to these amazing getaways to celebrate every moment amidst new places.

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