Things To Do In Zurich

Lying at the north end of its namesake lake in northern Switzerland, Zurich, the Swiss German-speaking city is the financial and cultural hub of the country. But this global center for finance and banking is also known for its incredibly beautiful museum, art galleries, well-preserved Old-town, and its shimmering lakes. Also a multicultural and ultramodern city, Zurich lets you explore its divine vistas of the Swiss Alps, high-end restaurants and boutiques, and a dazzling night-life. A perfect base to start your most-awaited Switzerland trip, the city will keep you occupied for a week or so with its unending number of delightful arrays of attractions. Explore the sophisticated and divine beauty of this scintillating Swiss city with these fun-filled things to do in Zurich.

Also, you can avail of the exciting day trips to catch the amazing places that surround the city. Some of the most popular day trip activities among the tourists are (1) Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe Day Trip, (2) 1 Day Glacier Express Tour From Zurich, (3) Mount Titlis and Lucerne Day Tour from Zurich, etc. Swim in the clean lake, hike to the Uetliberg Mountain, taste some authentic culinary dalicacies of Switzerlnad – there is a bucketful of diverse things to do in Zurich. Plus the city’s outstanding network of trams, buses, and local trains allows you to roam around the city effortlessly. So get a pen and paper ready with you and take note of the best things to do in Zurich, Switzerland.

Best And Top-rated Things To Do In Zurich, Switzerland:

Explore The Historic Old Town:

On both sides of the Limmat River, lies the historic heart of the city. Altstadt or Old Town embraces the old school charm with the historic buildings and admirable architecture. You will find winding cobblestoned alleys here like all the big medieval cities. Admire the old 19th-century buildings and hit the cheese fondue restaurants. Explore Zurich attractions like Great Minster, Swiss National Museum, Museum of Art, different universities, medieval churches, and many more. Actually, the Old Town houses the majority of the stunning sights in the city.

For a more detailed understanding of the place and its history, we recommend you to take a guided tour. You will visit several great spots of the Old Town and the live commentary of your knowledgeable guide will also be worth listening to. Also discover the city’s nightlife, shopping, and rich culture in the heart of the Old town. Do not forget to check out Fraumunster (one of the most famous churches).

Lake Zurich:

Lake Zurich is one of the most popular destinations in the city and to visit this lake is one of the best things to do in Zurich. Extending toward the southeast of the city, the lake is very popular as an excursion destination. Sail here or enjoy a picnic here, Lake Zurich is a pristine place to be at during the summer evenings. You will also spot boats flocking in the lake during the summer months.

This banana-shaped lake has Albis and Zimmerberg hills on the southern side and Pfannenstiel chain of hills on the northern part. Relax in a peaceful environment and experience some fine food. Here the two historic paddle-steamers are most popular among the tourists. Promenades and parks line the shore of the lake and you can stroll along the shore, enjoy the beauty of setting sun here while soaking in the warm ambiance of the surrounding of the lake.

Hike the Uetliberg  Mountain:

Reaching the top of the Uetliberg is one of the most exciting outdoor things to do in Zurich. It can be reached by train. From Zurich HB station it takes only about 25-30 minutes. But to enjoy the best of the panoramic view of Zurich and the surrounding Alps, hiking the trails up to the summit is the best alternative. The hiking trail runs between Uetliberh and Felsenegg mountains and takes about 2 hours to complete. Upon reaching the peak, you will get to enjoy the view of the lakes, rivers, the snow-laden alps – that is just otherworldly.

You can walk down the hiking trail if your body permits. Otherwise, there is also a cable-car service between Felsenegg and Adliswil.

Have A Stroll Around West Zurich:

If you want to explore how beautiful Zurich’s cool and hip side is, you must come to Zurich West. It is situated on the southern side of Limmat River. The Prime Tower locates here that was formerly the tallest building in Switzerland. Zurich-West is the former industrial district of the country that evolved into a very cool, hip area dipped in the unpolished charm. It is also the coolest neighborhood to stay in and it draws the young crowd most efficiently. Today this most happening cultural district is the heart of Zurich’s contemporary art and there are several museums to spot too. Don’t miss out on Viadukt that literally locates under the old railway viaduct!

The former shipbuilding factory of this area has been modified into a music and entertainment venue where there are a theatre and a jazz club too. You will find a wonderful mix of old and new here and there are many specialty food markets and alternative designer shops to check out too. Visiting this hip neighborhood is one of the hard-to-miss things to do in Zurich.

Also Explore Niederdorf Neighborhood:

An almost totally car-free neighborhood that is popular for its artsy and cool vibe, Niederdorf Neighborhood or Dorfli [called by the local] is a fun place to be at if you want to relax and kill time in the coffee shops admiring the lively setup of the surrounding. It is a part of Zurich’s Old Town and means ‘little village’. During the day the coffee shops and beautiful boutiques will keep you engaged in some coffee-sipping and shopping. On the contrary, it changes into a place full of jazzy bars and street artists during the night time.

Niederdorf is a nice amalgamation of old charm and trendy and stylish elements. It will offer you history to good shopping to carefree nightlife, the best version of everything.

Eat Iconic Cheese Fondue:

Well, Cheese Fondue is emblematic of Switzerland and when in Zurich, you gotta taste some yummy cheese fondue. It is one of the most-recognized Swish dishes and tastes the best during the colder months.

Fondue is an iconic Swiss melted cheese dish that they serve in a pot over a mini portable stove that gets the heat from a candle or a spirit lamp. You are supposed to dip your bread into the cheese and just eat it. One of the best things to do in Zurich is to dig in the oh-so-delicious cheese fondue with wine, garlic, mushroom, and herbs in the mix. Accompany your treat with a glass of wine for the wholehearted experience. Some of the must-mention places to taste the best cheese fondues in Zurich are Le Dézaley, Chäsalp, and Walliser Keller.

Learn About Country’s History At Swiss National Museum:

Swiss National Museum is the most visited museum in the country. Built in the year 1898, this museum contains the country’s largest collection of culture and history. Amazing artifacts from historic past through ancient ages and the Middle Ages to modern days, the museum contains gothic art, wooden sculptures, coins, rich paintings to many more admire-worthy exhibits.

The exterior of this museum is also drool-worthy. Built by Gustav Gull to match the form of a manor house from the French Renaissance Period, the museum is an impressive landmark in the city of Zurich.

There are plenty of things to do in Zurich. It is picturesque and hosts everything from tranquil park to quirky neighborhoods to good food to historical museums. Travelers with every taste would get satisfied in this largest city in Switzerland. The vibrant city is abuzz with shopping scenes, activity-full day and nights, and diverse cultural extravaganza. Although the city is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is worth-visiting, folks. Experience its luxurious lifestyle, enjoy the tastiest chocolates, and explore this high-end tourist heart of the world at least once in your life.

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