Things To Do In Tokyo

Setting your Tokyo bucket list can really be a tough game as there’s just so much to do in this busy capital of Japan. The world’s most populous metropolis that has the quirkiest of places to offer you (like the Owl Café! ) will drive you crazy with its endless classic tourist destinations. Great food, historic places to ancient temples, offbeat fashion hotspots to the Sumo Capital, Ryogōku – no trip to Japan can come to an end without a trip to this amazing metropolis. A cultural and economical hub that was originally a fishing village, named Edo, is now one of the best-rated tourist places in the world. Let’s now just check out what are those best things to do in Tokyo which has seemingly endless numbers of tourist attractions.

Best Time To Visit Tokyo:

Tokyo lies in a zone of a Humid Subtropical climate. That means you get hot and humid summers and cold and chilly winter months. June, July, August, and September are mainly hot months here and we won’t suggest you visit Tokyo during this period of time. Late March to mid-April is the Sakura Season here when the dreamy cherry blossoms come into full bloom. And the autumn months like in October and November, it is the best time if you want to witness the mesmerizing fall foliages. So, most evidently, March, April, October, and November are the best months to hit this place. But again, Tokyo is a year-long destination and there are so many things to do in Tokyo all around the year. If you are okay with cooler weather, visit Tokyo during winters. You may catch some bargain deals on accommodation and the crowd is also very less.

Best Things To Do In Tokyo:

Sensoji Temple:

This ancient Buddhist temple is also the oldest temple in Tokyo. A rich history that dates back to near about 1400 years and the beautiful Japanese Buddhist architecture – visiting the famous Sensoji Temple is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Start from the Kaminarimon Gate or the Thunder Gate and go on admiring the place’s beauty. The main hall of the temple has the main deity of the temple, Holy Kanzeon Bodhisattva. Besides, there are the Five-story Pagoda, the Hozomon Gate – note-worthy structures of the Japanese Buddhist architecture.

The street that leads to the main temple is called Nakamise-dōri and along this way, you can buy some of the best souvenirs and shopping items.

Spend Some Time In The Ueno Park:

Just next to the Ueno Station in Central Tokyo stands this huge public park that is also amongst the first public parks in Japan. You can spot some major museums as well as zoos inside the park. Formerly the land of the park belonged to the Kaneiji Temple which was the city’s largest and wealthiest temple during the Edo Period.

The park is also the place to enjoy some of the best views of spring Cherry blossoms along its central pathway. Japan’s most popular city park is also the first-ever western-style park in the country. Among all the mention-worthy activities, one must not miss the chance of visiting the Ueno Zoo, the country’s first zoological garden. Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, National Science Museum, National Museum of Western Art are some of the best museums inside the park boundary. Apart from all of these, there are some lovely Buddhist shrines and temples there where you can pray and find the solace of your mind.

Imperial Palace:

Once the largest fortress in the world, the Imperial Palace, Tokyo is one of the must-visit places whilst in Japan. Set at a location that is just ten minutes from the Tokyo Station, this palace is surrounded by all calm gardens and greeneries all around.

The area also has some beautiful cherry blossom spots, art galleries, and historical ruins.

Tokyo Skytree:

First of all, let us tell you that, Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world and also the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. Primarily a radio and broadcast site for the Kanto region, the Skytree is just 7 km north-east of Tokyo Station. The architecture of the tower showcases the strong influence of neo-futuristic architecture and beautiful Japanese architecture that resembles a 5-story pagoda from ancient Japan.

Also, one of the most visited tourist spots in Japan, if you want to get an unforgettable breathtaking panoramic view of the city surroundings, you have to visit the Skytree. There is a great café on the 340th and the 350th floor of the tower, named Skytree Café where you can snack on something while enjoying the unparalleled view it provides.

Explore The Neighborhood Of Ryogoku:

This neighborhood of Tokyo is most famous for its Sumo culture and it is also having a charming retro vibe. You must try to grab a chance of watching a Sumo tournament, if possible. This tournament happens three times a year, in the months of January, May, and September. Ryōgoku Kokugikan is the best indoor arena where you can catch the Sumos in action. You can also some wrestling practices at a Sumo stable.

Here you will find restaurants where they serve great Chanko nabe, a great healthy part of the Sumo wrestler’s diet. Besides, there are amazing Sumo museums, gardens, and amazing shopping streets. Exploring the Ryogoku is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Dig In A Kaiseki Meal:

Kaiseki meal in Japan is a delicious treat to your senses. And often it is considered as one of the finest meals in the world.  It is a Japanese traditional multi-course meal prepared with seasonal flavors. This meal is comparable to Western Haute Cuisine. The price of a Kaiseki meal is obviously on the higher side but believe us it is worth splurging on. At first, you may not like the taste of every ingredient. But the taste and aroma gradually grow in. the meal is creatively made and it will satisfy all of your senses.

Some of the best restaurants to try a grand Kaiseki meal are Goryukubo, Tsujitome (Akasaka), Ichita (Aoyama), Ryugin (Roppongi), etc.

Go Watch An Authentic Kabuki Theater Show:

You must have heard about Kabuki brushes that are used to blend foundation and apply loose powder well. But did you know that these brushes are directly related to the traditional Kabuki drama culture of Tokyo? We bet, most of you did not know it. Now coming to the Kabuki drama form, it is a form of Japanese classical dance-drama where elaborate makeup is worn by the performers. Performers are generally men and they perform mime, dance, and songs. The lavish costumes, makeup, and excellent performances are such a treat to the eyes.

One of the best things to do in Tokyo is to attend a Kabuki drama show at Kabukiza. It is located at Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo.

Enjoy Your Shopping Time At Ginza:

After you are done enjoying an eye-treating Kabuki show at Kabukiza, go for a shopping spree in Ginza. Ginza is Japan’s premier shopping district where you will find all the upmarket shops. H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Chanel – all of them are there in Ginza. It is also one of the most expensive real estates in Japan and one square meter of land in the Central District may cost over 30 million yen.

Ginza Six is the largest shopping complex in the area. You get fashion stores, jewelry, dedicated book stores, alluring makeup, and cosmetic stores in here. And food courts and a theater are also there in the mall for your entertainment.

Besides, Mitsukoshi, Ginza Wako – these are famous shops and departmental stores in Ginza. Chuo Dori is the main shopping street in Ginza that is 1 km long and is lined by all the beautiful boutiques, shops, and luxury stores. Looking for some electronic gadgets? There are Apple Store, Sony showroom, and many more to serve you the best.

Tokyo is fantastic in every aspect. It has colors, good foods, shrines, pagodas, great shopping avenues, city life, everything to satisfy your traveler’s soul. So this as a crazy checklist of all the best things to do in Tokyo that you must not miss out on. Discover the city’s soul and get overwhelmed by its charisma. Love you all. Bye till we come up with our next post.

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