Things To Do In Portland

There was a time when Portland was notorious as one of the most dangerous port cities in the world. Organized crime scenes and racketeering kept this beautiful land infamous among the travelers for many years. But the scenario has long been changed and now Portland is the 10th best big city in the U.S. Such an amazing transformation! One of the most popular nicknames this city holds is ‘the city of roses’ and in this city of roses, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to setting trips to the impressive places to see. There are a hell lot of things to do in Portland and the most attractive thing about this city is that the city loves its environment. Here people ride on their cycle more than they ride on their bike. The city loves to walk and there is a lot more about this ‘Bridgetown’.

This largest city of the state of Oregon is also the 8th most popular city in the U.S. Amazing Willamette River Downtown, Mt. Tabor, Mt. St. Helens, its Pearl District, Washington Park, its thrilling historical monuments, Chinese gardens, and a whole lot of scrumptious dining scenes – your visit to this ‘Greenest City in America’ is gonna be just bewildering. There are a bunch of things to do in Portland that also includes exploring its ‘most vibrant music scene’ in the entire United States. Let’s check out what else is there in the bag!

Best & Most Exciting Things To Do In Portland, Oregon:

Portland Japanese Garden:

Peacefulness, tranquility, and solace of your mind – if you seek for your inner peace, you have to come to this one of its kind Japanese Garden whilst in Portland. Spread across 12 acres of land, the Japanese Garden is divided into 5 separate parts, each having a different set of atmosphere altogether. It is a part of the famous Washington Park in West Hills of Portland, Oregon and you will find influences of Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophies in different parts of the park. Get engrossed into the Japanese culture and its age-old history and the spectacular view of the mountains, waterfalls, and Kashintei Teahouse will delight your eyes and soul.

Escaping the hustle of the city and losing yourself in the serenity of the Japanese Park is one of the best things to do in Portland. Admire the beauty of peony, chrysanthemum, and Japanese Water Iris and you will feel like not leaving the place ever.

Set A Visit To The Portland Art Museum:

The oldest art museum on the West Coast and seventh oldest in the US, Portland Art Museum is the place where you will find some amazing collection of Native American art which also happens to be the largest collection in the nation. Apart from that, there are separate galleries for contemporary arts and photography.  There is also an outdoor public sculpture garden. You will find some kinds of exhibitions to always go on inside the campus of the museum. With a collection of over 42,000 art pieces, the museum definitely seeks a visit and that is worth your time.   

Lan Su Chinese Garden:

A Ming Dynasty style garden, Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of Portland’s finest places to visit. This one of its kind botanical gardens features rare plants that are native to China. About 90% of this garden’s plants are indigenous to China and some of them are over 100 years old. It situates in the Chinatown area of the Old Town Chinatown in Portland, Oregon and is given the title of the ‘Garden of Awakening Orchids’.

The center of attraction of the garden is definitely the artificial man-made Lake Zither that you will get to see at the center of the garden. The tranquility inside the garden, the note-worthy stone works, and the Teahouse in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections to sit back and relax – setting a trip to this amazing garden is one of the best things to do in Portland.

Multnomah Whiskey Library:

Portland is world-famous for its craft beer scenes. And if you are a whiskey connoisseur roaming here in Portland, head nowhere that this amazing cozy lounge and bar at 1124 SW Alder Street, Portland. With a collection of over 2000 bottles of liquors around the World, the vintage bar is not only a unique drinking parlor but it also serves palatable food to go with your drink that is finger-licking good. Get your own tailor-made cocktail from your personal bartender and do not forget to taste their steaks. The place attracts huge crowd week long so be an early bird. But again, the wait is worth every single second and every single penny.

Pioneer Courthouse Square:

The locals refer to this place as ‘Portland’s Living Room’ and this is the place where all the locals and tourists of Portland gather to hang out and have the best time of their day. Locating in the center of Downtown, this courtyard is immense in size and that is about 45,000 square feet. Featuring the Italianate architectural style this Square houses an open-air chess table and a beautiful water fountain. Beautiful artistic features make this square a must-visit place whilst in Portland. Many musical performances and events take place at this square and the people can sit on those approximately two dozens steps that are all arranged to form a semi-circle. The small amphitheater also features historical bronze tiles designed by Gail Martin.

The Square is so famous that it claims to be the single most-visited site in Oregon. You will find more than 71,165 attractive bricks with names at the Square and you can call it the heart of the city of Portland.

Portland Saturday Market:

It is an outdoor handmade art and crafts market in Portland’s Old Town that is also the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the entire nation. From fresh food produces to exotic foods to souvenirs to clothes, if you love to shop then visiting the Portland Saturday Market is one of the best things to do in Portland. Although the name of this weekly market is Saturday market, the market remains open on Sundays too from the month of March to the 24th of December. Vintage buttons to local-made clothes to home décor, ceramics – check out this market to explore this great treasure trove.

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