Things To Do In Maui

Hawaii’s second-largest island and a land of diverse landscape, wildlife, outdoor water activities, and a leading whale-watching center – Maui is incredibly beautiful as a travel destination. With a sprawling national park, scenic highway drive, stunning forest, waterfall, dramatic cliffs, breathtaking coast with 30 miles of lovely beaches, volcanic peaks – can an island get more diverse than this? Set a trip to this island for a week and dig in endless numbers of things to do in Maui that’ll keep you engrossed and will leave you thoroughly awestruck. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading the post to unlock all the activity options you can explore whilst in the ‘valley isle’ of Hawaii.

Sitting between two mountains, Haleakala to the east and the West Maui Mountains to the west, Maui houses a surprisingly sundry set of landscapes. To have the amazing experience of these topographical diversities, one can opt for touring Maui by car. The road trips here unveil the unmatched and hidden beauty of the island to its visitors. Head to the beaches with dramatic waves, reach out to the mountains to get astounded by the surreal sunrise, dig in the special delicacies – the island offers all kinds of activity options that one can ask for during a relaxing and fun-filled holiday. Here get introduced to all the mesmerizing things to do in Maui.

Most Amazing Things To Do In Maui, The Valley Isle:

Set A Trip To The World’s Largest Dormant Volcano: Haleakala National Park:

Did ya know that Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world? When you are holidaying in Maui, a trip to the Haleakala National Park that contains the world’s largest dormant volcano is a must. The park occupying 30,000 acres of land is one of the most popular tourist attractions in upland Maui. Try to visit the park early in the morning to catch the splendid view of the sunrise from the summit of the mountain. A winding path leads to the top where it gets a bit chilly and windy. So, be dressed in comfortably warm clothes when you go up there. Stargazing is another much-loved activity here. The national park houses a large number of endangered species. And you can also go to the crater of the volcano if you desire. On your way back, you can bike down from the summit that is so thrilling.

Road To Hana:

To catch the best of the coastal scenic beauty of Hawaii, a long drive on the Hana Highway [Highway 30] that connects Kahului to the town of Maui is a must. The Hana Highway that is 103.6 km long and stretches along the east coast of Maui ensures spectacular views at every twist and turn. From cliffs to gushing waterfalls to vistas to endless green, the scenic highway offers you the best of everything. The road also passes over 59 bridges and along your drive, you discover heavenly black, red, and white sand beaches, trails, endless stretches of green, and scenes that would soothe your tired eyes. The Road to Hana is all about the journey and not only the destination. Some must-stop spots on the way include Paia Town, Hamoa Beach, Wailua Falls, Twin Falls, Hana Town, etc. 


Kaanapali Beach:

A trip to Kaanapali Beach is worth your while. This beach on the northwest coast of the island runs for around 3 miles and is among Maui’s most-loved beach destinations. Hawaii’s first planned resort area, Kaanapali is famous for many things. Its daily cliff diving episode from the cliff named Puu Kekka is a hot-favorite outdoor activity. It is held regularly at the time of sunset. A zipline tour by Kaanapali Skyline Eco-Adventures is also among the must-try things if you want to admire the excellent view of the area’s coastline.

Well-adorned with hotels, restaurants it is recommended to choose your stay near the beach so that all the activities get nearby to your hotel. Famous for sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, and all sorts of invigorating water activities, the coast of Kaanapali is also the best if you are expecting to spot some marine creatures. Heading to this beach, unwinding, and relaxing are some of the best things to do in Maui.

Visit Maui Ocean Center:

If you are at Maui with your family, being in this tropical museum is one of the finest things to do. It also happens to be the largest tropical reef aquarium in the Western hemisphere. With more than 60 exhibits, this aquarium and oceanography center in Maalaea is one of its kind. The exhibits here include coral reef habitats, sea turtles, sharks, humpback whales, and many more.

The largest public aquarium in Maui is a hot favorite among the kids and adults alike and remains open from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Maui Ocean Center is affordable and offers you high-class marine exhibits. Be there with your kids and enjoy two hours of your aquarium visit thoroughly.

Take A Self-guided Tour On Lahaina Historic Trail:

The town Lahaina is of major historical significance. In royal past, Lahaina was the capital of Maui Loa of the island of Maui. By taking this self-guided tour on the historic trail you can peep into the past of the town. On this tour, explore 28 Lahaina sites that include The Master’s Reading Room, The Baldwin Home Museum, Richards House, Taro Patch, Hauola Stone, Brick Palace, The Old Lahaina Lighthouse, Pioneer Inn, Courthouse, A Great Banyan Tree [an enormous Banyan Tree], The Wo Hing Museum, Buddhist Church, and many many more sites actually. The tour takes about 2 hours and is a free tour. Your activity will be along the Front Street which is again a historical street, now lined with major stores and restaurants. Being in this town and taking this tour is one of the best historical and cultural things to do in Maui.

Taste Hawaiian Shave Ice:

Probably, Shave Ice is the most refreshing treats in Hawaii and it tastes the best in Maui. This internationally famous Hawaiian treat is quite popular on the island of Maui and while you are headed to the ‘Valley Isle’ you mst check out some of the shops who sell the best of this speciality. Ululani’s Shave Ice is undoubtedly the most famous place to grab a treat. It is available at five different locations across the island and offers more than 50 variants. It is literally impossible to choose only one and you are bound to taste at least three to four varieties on one go.

Other famous spots include Surfing monkey Hawaiian Shave Ice, Rustbuckets Maui [on Road to Hana], Surf Break Shave Ice, etc.

Swim In The Seven Sacred Pools:

This popular destination in East Maui is a dream for every traveler. There are 7 swimming holes here that are connected by waterfalls and this wonderful setup is hidden in the midst of the dense bamboo forest of Ohe’o Gulch. This collection of pools is a part of Haleakala National Park and is a dreamland of tranquility and exclusive green beauty of Hawaii. Visit on sunny days to have a lovely swimming and sightseeing experience. Visiting this serene place is inarguably one of the best things to do in Maui.

Maui, the island in the Central Pacific is a hidden gem for nature lovers. Coupled with good food, wine, historical punch in Lahaina, the sprawling Haleakala National Park – Maui ensures the best bit of every travel experience. Head to the beaches and enjoy the sun, surf, and sand or get to the aquarium to get some exclusive views of the marine creatures in action – things to do in Maui are abundant. Fly down at Kahului Airport and enjoy a week of fun and frolic in this overwhelmingly pristine island.

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