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Stretching across 14 islands and having a settlement history that dates back to the Stone Age, Stockholm, Sweden is one of the coolest Nordic cities that is addressed as the ‘beauty on water’. Despite being a historical city, Stockholm is not all about castles, palaces, and museums. Food is taken here very seriously so are the style statements. It is such an artsy city with seemingly endless numbers of things to do and see. Go museum hopping, breathe in the clean air, explore Gamla Stan (the old town), and visit unique museums like ABBA the museum. From families to backpackers to everyone seeking travel recess, Stockholm, Sweden is such a fantastic experience for everyone. Here, let us have a look at some of the best places to visit in Stockholm.

Best Places To Visit When In Stockholm, Sweden:

The Royal Palace:

The Royal Palace or the Stockholm Palace is one of the must-see places to visit in here as soon as you enter the Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden. The official residence of the Swedish monarch and also one of the largest palaces in Europe, you will taste the rich royal Baroque style in the palace’s architecture. A countless number of rooms set in 3 floors and made up of brick, sandstone, and stone, the Royal Palace has picturesque gates, statutes, window panes, and doors.

Inside, you will also find some of the best museums where lucrative gems are on display. Do not miss the magnetic Queen Kristina’s silver throne, enormous paintings hung on the gallery walls, and impressive chandeliers. You have to pay a visit to this one of the oldest surviving castles that stands in the crowd with full splendor and aura.

Gamla Stan (Old Town):

The whole Old Town of Sweden is an open museum full of colorful buildings, antique cobbled streets, and many old-school bars and pubs. You can call it the medieval center of Stockholm where the 16th and 17th-century buildings are standing tall in their true forms. Among the must-see places, Stockholm Stock Exchange Building, the Royal Chapel, Wrangel Palace are some of the most note-worthies.


The island of Södermalm is all adorned with beautiful cliff-top gothic buildings, artsy cafes, shops. Its relaxed vibe will uplift your mood and it is one of the best places to visit whilst in Stockholm, Sweden. Södermalm or Söder means ‘south’ in Swedish and is best known for its classic Swedish restaurants and breakfast spots.

Sitting in the heart of the Stockholm and just to the south of Gamla Stan, this coolest neighborhood of Stockholm is divided into some different areas. Skanstull is the area where you can shop till you drop. If you are eyeing for the best Swedish food, head to SoFo. Mariatorget or Maria Square is one of the poshest areas and it is also the region with Stockholm’s most vibrant LGBT community and nightlife scenes.

ABBA The Museum:

Being opened in 2013, ABBA The Museum is the first-ever interactive museum in the world that is dedicated to the 1970s Swedish pop band ABBA. If you are an ABBA fan, you must not miss the exciting chance of visiting this one of its kind museum while you are in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is more exciting about a trip to this museum is that you can save the experience of your visit to this museum for 15 days if you want. Visit the official website of ABBA The Museum to know more about this.

Interactive exhibitions go on in the museum where you can try ABBA’s costumes and can sing and play with the original music. The experience is surreal and you will feel like you are singing as a fifth member of the band live. This museum is truly an exceptional one and worth visiting.

Stockholm Public Library (The Stadsbiblioteket):

City’s largest public library designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, Stockholm Public Library is obviously one of the most notable buildings to visit in Stockholm, Sweden having the Swedish Grace style. This is one of the most distinctive buildings too and the domed room is open to the public so that one can climb to the top and can have a look down below to see the amazing collection of books. More than 2 million volumes and 2.4 million audiotapes, CDs and audiobooks are there inside the library.

Stockholm Metro Art Gallery:

Stockholm is a place of some of the most unique and quirky places on the earth. And this Metro Art Gallery is one of them. Stockholm’s public transit system is the world’s longest art gallery that is 110 km long. Over 90 subway stations in Stockholm have been wonderfully decorated with artsy things. From sculptures to mosaics to paintings to many more – these subways boast of gorgeous artworks done by over 150 artists. You will find five decades of European Art History inside this gigantic art gallery. Take a tour of the metro to experience something truly new, truly unmatched.

Vasa Museum:

This is a maritime museum in Stockholm that preserves the only 17th-century ship ‘Vasa’ in the most unique manner. The Vasa is a 69 meter-long 64-gun warship, built between 1626 and 1628 that foundered or sank in the middle of Stockholm on its maiden voyage in 1628. The ship was salvaged in 1961 and in 1988 it was shifted permanently to the Vasa Museum.

The museum, in the Royal National City Park, is one of the most-visited attractions in Stockholm, Sweden. According to its official website, it also claims to be the most-visited museum in the entire Scandinavia. Visit this piece of marvel and you won’t even believe that 95% of the ship is original!

Stockholm, Sweden is a charming city full of interesting stories and ever-exciting places to visit. Explore it on your foot or swear by its fantastic subway rail system. The net-like waterway system and its world-class museums and the amazing boat tours – Stockholm will keep you engrossed in its beauty. AND DON’T FORGET TO TAKE A ‘FIKA’ BREAK IN BETWEEN YOUR TRAVEL.

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