State Parks In WV

West Virginia is bestowed with the bewildering beauty of the rugged landscape and rolling hills. And what makes this Mountain State more picturesque is its brilliant state parks. The state parks in WV are glorious, full of natural beauty, and houses a wild combination of flora, fauna, and waterfalls. You really can’t afford to miss them. Although this 41st largest state in the US is adored for many reasons, her 37 ravishing state parks are the real show stoppers. These are the purest infusion of everything that is lush and fresh. If you want to soak in the natural beauty and history of the Mountain State, you have to visit these state parks in WV. 

Most Beautiful And Best State Parks In WV You Must Visit:

Babcock State Park:

One of the most stunning state parks in WV, Babcock State Park is full of scenery. You must have seen the picture of the Glade Creek Grist Mill which is the most photographed and the most famous landmark of the park. This beautiful state park locates along the New River Gorge and sprawls over an area of 4,127 acres. It is the most favorite site among hikers, campers, and photographers and the park has a total of 52 campsites. Other than that, it has more than 20 miles of hiking trails and offers you so many outdoor activities to indulge in. Go paddle boating, canoeing, or fishing in Boley Lake. You can also indulge in some outdoor sports like basketball, tennis or volleyball if you wish to.

Blackwater Falls State Park:

Locating in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County, West Virginia, this park is a namesake of the Blackwater Falls which is a 62-foot cascade with a very unusual color. The water of the falls is enriched with tannins that is created due to the constant falling of red spruce and hemlock needles and that tannic acid is the reason behind the coffee liqueur color of the water. 

These falls are one of the most photographed falls in the entire state and are also the main attractions of the park. Other than the falls, there are many beautiful nature trails in the park that lead to lookout points. One such popular trail is the Lindy Point Trail. From these points, one can get an excellent view of the entire region. This 2,358 acres of wilderness has lodge arrangements for the guests and there are also 39 cabins available for rent. Blackwater Falls State Park is certainly one of the best state parks in WV one needs to visit.

Holly River State Park:

Situating on the Left Fork of the Holly River near the town of Hacker Valley, Holly River State Park is the second-largest state park with a total area of 8,294 acres. The park is a paradise for nature lovers as it features over 42 freaking miles of hiking trails and an 88-unit campground, can you just believe it? The campground remains open spring through fall and provides you with the best experience. With so many recreating and outdoor activity facilities, this is one of the most beautiful state parks in WV. The park is also home to six gorgeous waterfalls and visitors can even set hikes to a few of these falls. While Tecumseh Falls is the most accessible, the others are also very scenic. Among the recreational activities, one can indulge in camping, hiking, swimming, and can also play tennis. The park also has 10 cabins that ensure you a blissful stay amidst the dense forest of rhododendron and sturdy hemlock.

Watoga State Park:

The largest state park in West Virginia, this massive park spreads over an area of 10,000 acres. Its seemingly endless stretch is bestowed with utter natural beauty. You will visit Watoga Lake where you can go fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Greenbrier River Trail is nearby and so is the Calvin Price State Forest. The park has a total of 88 campsites and 34 cabins and its 37.5 miles of hiking trails allow you to immerse in its dense greenery. If you are coming here with your family, spend some relaxing time by the pool and engage in a multitude of recreational activities. 

Staying in the cabins will take you back to the primitive times and note that the campsites are only available on a pre-reservation basis. Do hiking, swimming, horseback riding, boating, fishing, and more – Watoga is one of the best state parks in WV you will ever visit.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park:

Want to feel nostalgic by listening to the sound and visiting the original steam-driven locomotives? You have to straightway head to the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. The park is full of history and houses an 11-mile long heritage railroad which is one of the main tourist attractions. Inside the park, there is also the Cass Historical Theater and Historical Museum which is one of America’s only authentic lumber railroading museums. In the center of the park, there is Cass which is a tiny company lumber town dating back to 1901. Now the buildings are all restored and have been transformed into museums, cafes, and shops. When you visit the park, make sure to ride the historic converted log cars that are pushed along by a powerful geared logging locomotive.

Hawks Nest State Park:

Speeding the gushing whitewater rapids and hiking along the spectacular trails, Hawks Nest is one of the most bewildering state parks in WV. It is spread over 276 acres and overlook the very spectacular New River. The exhilarating wilderness next to the New River Gorge Naional Park is a spectacular place for bird watching too. A great summer escape and also a fresh fall foliage destination, Hawks Nest is one of the most beautiful state parks in WV you can visit year-round.

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