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The largest economic and trade center, Shanghai in China is the most famous city in the country. Known as the Oriental Paris, Shanghai exudes a flamboyant charm. Locating on the southern estuary of the Yangtze River, it is the most populous urban area in China. The city boasts of many iconic landmarks to many world-class museums and art galleries. And on the other hand, it has many famous historical places that celebrate the city’s millennia-old history. Apart from these, the city is also dotted with a whole lot of urban parks, gardens, and green spaces that offer you plenty of oxygen and respite. Planning a trip to this splendid Metropolis? Below is a list comprising the top-rated and best places to visit in Shanghai in China.

Shanghai in China happens to be the third biggest city in the world. History has perfectly been merged with modernity here and that is why many centuries-old buildings including temples and pagodas co-exist with the modern and glamorous structures that are contemporary and unique. Here you get to taste a cultural blend of west and east too. A shopping paradise, a foodie’s delight, and a city with vibrant nightlife, you have to visit Shanghai to understand why it is the most exciting city in China. Go through this list of the best places to visit in Shanghai that are among the must-visits. 

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Shanghai In China:

The Bund:

Every waterside city boasts a colorful and lively river promenade. And the Bund is Shanghai’s famous promenade. The Chinese name of Bund is Zhongshan Lu and this promenade runs along the west bank of the Huangpujiang River. The Bund is all famous for the majestic 19th and early 20 centuries western-style buildings that adorn the left bank of the promenade. A great place to admire Shanghai’s great architecture, this promenade has brilliant examples of neoclassical, Gothic, and Baroque architectural styles. In addition to many heritage and historical buildings, it is also a great place to see many modern skyscrapers. Stroll along the promenade, take the Huangpu River cruise to enjoy seeing the beautiful landmarks from a distance, and shop till your drop as the Bund houses several boutiques and shops selling many high-end brands to domestic brands. Certainly, this beautiful promenade is one of the most buzzing places to visit in Shanghai in China.

Huangpu Park:

Locating at the north end of the Bund, Huangpu Park is Shanghai’s oldest park. A green oasis amidst the concrete jungle, the park opened in the year 1886. A small triangular green space, this park is home to the large Monument to the People’s Heroes and the Bund Historical Museum that are two of the most popular Shanghai attractions. A cool and beautiful place with so many trees around, this park is a place that you can visit with your family and have a lovely stroll and recess time inhaling fresh oxygen and soaking in the clean ambiance. 

Shanghai Museum:

The first world-class museum in China, the Shanghai Museum is a great place to admire a beautiful collection of ancient Chinese art. This museum is free to public visit and is a must-visit for everyone who wants to know about the city’s cultural history. It is intriguing to note that the museum houses a fascinating collection of over 120,000 pieces that include bronze, ceramics, jades to many ancient paintings, coins, and sculptures. Among the major nationally important art pieces, a transparent bronze mirror from the Han Dynasty is worth mentioning.

Shanghai Museum Of Glass:

Shanghai is home to some of the most unique museums and the Shanghai Museum of Glass is surely one of the most fetching among them. Apart from housing a beautiful glasswork collection, this place also makes you learned about one hundred years of glass history and culture of Shanghai in China. The museum is situated on a former glass manufacturing site and when it first opened in the year 2011, it was only a 3,500 sqm museum. But now it has evolved to be a 17,800 sqm multi-functional museum park where visitors will find so many things to do and see to spend an entire day. The glass-made Disney castle by Miguel Arribas is one of the most popular exhibits at this unique museum.

Jade Buddha Temple:

Founded in 1882, the Jade Buddha Temple houses two Shakyamuni jade Buddha statues that were imported from Myanmar by Sea. Apart from these two statues, the temple now also contains a large statue of reclining Buddha that is donated from Singapore. The building you see today is not the original temple building. It has been constructed in 1928 and has replaced the 1882 construction.

Do not miss to see the most impressive Chamber of Four Heavenly Kings which houses the statues of Skanda and Maitreya and the Four Heavenly Kings. Also visit the Grand Hall, the Jade Buddha Chamber, and the Jade Buddha Temple is surely one of the best places to visit in Shanghai in China.

Nanjing Road:

Nanjing Road is one of the most famous and busiest shopping streets in the world which is basically divided into two sections. The East part of Nanjing Road is mainly referred to as Nanjing Road and it is a very busy pedestrian shopping promenade where you get to buy stuff of high-end brands like Zara, Sephora, and Nike. The Nanjing Road is so busy and so famous that it is often compared with the Fifth Avenue and Times Square of New York City. What is more fascinating to note is that Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district attracting over 1 million visitors daily. If you are a shopaholic who loves to get to a shopping street and buy loads of fashionable stuff, you have to visit this century-old shopping street that is all adorned with shopping malls, specialty stores, theaters, and so on.


Qibao is an ancient town in Shanghai in China and is one of the must-visits during your trip to Shanghai. Locating just 18 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai, Qibao is a pristine town with no pollution, traffic jam, and noise. Qibao, in Chinese, means ‘seven treasures’ and the town is all famous for its street foods. The serene views of the canal, the greenery, the old street of the town – Qibao is unique and needs to be explored. Visit the town during the spring festival and also set a trip to the Qibao Winery.

And with that, we are finishing off this post that was all about some of the best and top-rated places to visit in Shanghai in China. Hope you have found it to be helpful and will obviously check out these places once you plan for your Shanghai holidays. 

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