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Ever dreamt of swimming along with the sharks? Or are you always fascinated by the wonderful life of the deep-sea world? Then you must not miss out on these best scuba diving destinations that let you explore the dreamy world deep down the ocean. These are the spots in the world that let you encounter amazing wildlife.

The domain under the ocean never ceases to fascinate us. And scuba diving is that exciting and fun sport that introduces us to this amazing underwater world that is so full of colorful life. It is such an enriching experience to gather. Now our planet has some really cool diving destinations where a wide range of underwater adventures is awaiting you. From the Great Barrier Reef to the destinations in the Pacific, and more – these are hands down the best scuba diving destinations in the world. 

Best And Most Fascinating Scuba Diving Destinations In The World:


The Micronesia region on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean is a diver’s paradise. This unspoiled scuba diving destination locates about 1,800 miles northeast of Australia and consists of a group of 600 or more islands. A place that attracts seasoned and bold divers throughout the world, this place is the best to have some encounters with the mighty mantas, dolphins, and even sharks, and whales. Apart from that, this destination also houses brilliant coral gardens with a plethora of hard and soft colorful corals. Missing wrecks? You need not. Because the Micronesia region is also one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world. It includes WW1 and WW2 wrecks that are the major highlights of the diving scenarios of the region. 

When planning for a diving trip to this region, you must include Palau, Guam, Yap, Kosrae, and Chuuk. In Pohnpei, the scene of diving is not that much flourished but it is slowly emerging as a gorgeous diving site.

Key Largo, Florida:

The Florida Keys as a whole is one of the most gorgeous scuba diving destinations in the world and Key Largo is the most prominent site of the chain earning the title of the Diving Capital of the World. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a must-visit here that includes 70 nautical miles of water of the adjacent Atlantic Ocean and was the first undersea park in the States. Running along the east coast of Key Largo, the park also houses the only living reef in the continental United States.

Witness underwater sea spectacles, best wrecks (USS Spiegel Grove Wreck), and also a breathtaking night diving experience here. In this context, let us tell you that, off the Atlantic coast of the Florida Keys, one can find the third-largest barrier reef in the world. Explore tropical fishes of which there are about 15 different species of parrotfishes found. Other than that, there are southern rays, sharks, and turtles too that are waiting to amaze you with their beauty. Visit Key Largo and the underwater adventure is just there ready to give you the best diving experience of your life.

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary:

Often ranked amongst the top 100 diving sites in the world, Apo Island Marine Sanctuary in the Philippines is another great diving destination with its 15,000-sq-metre protected area. This man-made marine reserve that is located seven kilometers away from the southeastern tip of the Negros Island is a place to enjoy snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

For anyone who loves the ocean and loves to explore marine life, Apo Island Marine Reserve is a dream destination for him. The marine habitat around the island is a marine reserve that houses over 400 species of corals and 650 known species of fishes. If you count the unknown species too, the number will take a sharp hike. You will be fascinated to know that it is amongst the first few marine reserves in the world. Swim with the sea turtles, admire the beauty of the coral gardens with soft and hard corals, and it is a wonderful experience altogether.

Riviera Maya:

This scuba diving location locating parallel to the Caribbean coastline of Mexico is one of the best scuba diving spots in the Caribbean. Featuring reef formations of the Meso American Barrier Reef System which is considered the second-longest reef system in the world, Riviera Maya boasts some incredible caves and cenotes that are truly gorgeous.

Explore the crystal clear water of Akumal, Tulum, or Cozumel which are the finest diving and snorkeling destinations. A very diverse ecosystem resides here with a rich collection of over 4,000 species of fishes and underwater flora and fauna. The reefs that run along the whole length of the Yucatan Peninsula are best for reef diving. Spot many nurse sharks, turtles, eagle rays, hard corals, and more during your underwater adventure trip at Riviera Maya.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Hawaii:

This wine-glass-shaped natural bay near Hawaii Kai is only about a 30-minute drive from Honolulu and is one of the most beautiful spots to indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving. Formed within the crater of an ancient volcano, this bay is a place to enjoy the reef and many marine creatures that include more than 400 species of fishes and also sea turtles.

This is one of the most spectacular natural resources in Hawaii that showcases a wonderful marine ecosystem. The bay, being sheltered from strong currents and waves is an ideal destination for diving. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of diving along with the sea turtles and the other reef fishes. And above the surface of the water, you might even spot spinner dolphins, flying fishes, and even humpback whales. It is the place to experience Ohau’s best snorkeling and is truly a nature escape set amidst tranquility and surrounded by the hills of Koko Head.

Great Barrier Reef:

This vast reef system locates in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland. It extends off the northern coast from the tip of Cape York and stretches up to the northeastern part of the country to the Bundaberg going almost parallel to the coast of Queensland. The marine park protects over 3,000 individual coral reefs and 900 continental islands and coral cays. Besides, more than 1,500 species of fishes, 30 species of whale, dolphin, and porpoise, 6 species of turtle, and more than 17 species of sea snake call this reef system to be their home. There is no doubt on the fact that it is the best scuba diving destination in the world and it also is the location to catch the Great Eight in action while you are underwater. Great Eight is a list of  8 individual marine species that include clownfish, giant clams, manta rays, Maori wrasse, potato cod, sharks (white tip, blacktip, and grey reef), whales, and six turtle species.

There are also underwater viewing stations and glass bottom boats to explore underwater life in case you do not want to snorkel. 

So, friends, these were some of the best and most fascinating scuba diving spots in the world that will surely gift you the best ever underwater adventure trip of your life.

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