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What picture does emerge in your mind when you think of Santorini, Greece? Blue-domed churches, picturesque whitewashed buildings, and windmills, right? Yes, these architectural features make Santorini stand out among all the other islands in the Aegean Sea. The city’s constructions are one of the finest examples of the Cycladic architecture of Greece and to be very frank, experiencing the beauty of this unique architecture is one of the best things to do in Santorini, Greece.

Honeymooners, backpackers, family travelers – all get attracted to this Greek destination for its quaint atmosphere, great cuisine, beautiful capital (Fira), savory cuisines, and beautiful black, red, and white pebbled beaches. Visiting this Greek paradise anytime soon? Here we present before you some of the best destinations to head to when in this Cyclades island of Santorini, Greece.

Best & Top-rated Travel Destinations In Santorini, Greece:


Starting off with the capital city of Santorini, Greece, Fira is famed for its beautiful white houses, blue-domed churches, and beautiful ambiance. Locating on the cliff top of a caldera, Fira or Thira is the place where you get museums, shopping streets, numerous cafes, bars, and an excellent view of the sunset. The Museum of Prehistoric Thira is one of the must-visit places here. Full of artifacts, wall paintings, and fascinating stuff excavated from the Minoan Bronze Age settlement, Akrotiri, this museum is a treasure trove. After you reach the small port of Skala, there are three ways that you can opt for to reach the town of Fira. Either you take a cable car or you can take the stairs (there are a total of 587 steps!) or you can hire mules that will take you up to the town.

Stroll along the shopping streets, visit the bakeries, visit Santos Winery, and it is really a funfilled experience here in Fira. Enjoy the great view of the surroundings and make the most out of your Santorini travel.

Perissa Black Sand Beach:

Talking about the best beaches in Santorini, they are not like your idyllic white-sand beaches. You may take the example of this gorgeous classic black sand beach that lies on the east coast of the island. Full of beach umbrellas and sun loungers, Perissa’s 6 kilometers long stretch of black sand beach is one of the top attractions in Santorini. 13 kilometers from the town Fira, this beach is perfect to enjoy a romantic sunset and delicious food. An array of cafes and bars line the street adjacent to the beach. And you can also spend some time enjoying the water sports activity. Summer can get really hot over here so prefer to come here early in the morning. Good resorts, good food, and splendid black sand beach – Perissa Beach is one of the unique attractions in Santorini, Greece.


This beautiful coastal town is as beautiful as a storybook. Situating at the north-west edge of Santorini, Oia boasts of scenic white-painted buildings, most of which have been transformed into cute hotels. Watching the pristine episode of sunset is one of the most loved things to do in Oia and it also has some of the most beautiful romantic beaches.

Take a tour of the Byzantine Castle Ruins from where you will catch an exclusive view of the surrounding. Oia has narrow charming alleys and lookalike blue-domed churches. If you are a food fanatic, visit Amoudi Bay to taste some authentic Greek cuisine. Also, Amoudi Bay’s crystal clear water is a delight for the swimming lovers. Visit Oia’s art galleries, souvenir shops, and the bewitching panoramic view from the cliff-top of Oia is just beyond any word.

The Other Best Beaches In Santorini:

Apart from Perissa, there are a few more beaches to check out in Santorini.

Among the black sand beaches, there are Perivolos, Agios Georgios, and Kamari Beach. Kamari’s black-sand and pebble beach is famous for scuba-diving and jet ski. Also, there are upscale bars and seafood taverns lining the waterfront. Perivolos is the longest black beach of Santorini, Greece.
Red Beach

Red Beach is famous for its black and red volcanic pebbles and hot water.

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach, Monolithos Beach is the best one for you. This has a playground and a beach volley court too. Its shallow water makes it a perfect beach for travelers with kids.

Looking for a rough beach that has strong wind and huge waves? Look no farther than Vourvoulos Beach.

Kolumbo Beach is famous among the nudists.

Besides, the list includes Vihalda Beach, Pori Beach, Caldera Beach, Exomitis Beach, and so many other beautiful pebbled, secluded, and sandy beaches. Santorini is a destination filled with blissful beaches.


Apart from Fira and Oia, if you really want to feel the true flavor of Santorini, Greece, you have to visit its villages. And Pyrgos is Santorini’s highest village. It is the largest preserved village in Santorini and also is the island’s old capital (till 1800). This beautiful Cycladic village is surrounded by vineyards that produce famous white wine, Assyrtiko. A Fortress Settlement of the Cyclades, Pyrgos has been declared a protected settlement in the year 1995.

Visit the hilltop ruins of Kasteli Castle, admire the beauty of the winding alleys, buildings, and numerous churches. You will remember the beauty of Pyrgos for the longest time ever.

Santorini Cinekamari:

This is a one of its kind experience to have in Santorini, Greece. The Cinekamari or Open Air Cinema is located in the middle of a forest and is also rated among the best outdoor cinemas in Europe. Locating in Kamari, the place is only a 12-minute short drive from Fira and it remains open from May through October. You will watch movies in English here that are having Greek subtitles. The experience of watching a movie under the sky in a jungle is just way too enthralling.

The showtime starts at 9.30 pm and the door opens at 8.30 pm. Be early in reaching and enjoy an open-air movie with your bae.

Profitis Ilias:

The summit of Mt. Profitis Ilias is the highest point of Santorini Island. Having reached there, you will be able to see the most scenic view that surrounds the island. Drive your way to the island summit and get to see the Profitis Ilias Monastery that dates back to the 18th century. It is less than five kilometers away from the village Pyrgos and offers you a chance to get a stunning view of the surrounding volcanoes and azure blue of the ocean.

The monastery is one of the oldest on the island and has a museum inside. Consider going through the sculptures, books, and artifacts that are there.  

Quaint streets, picture-perfect ocean caldera, stunning architecture, drop-dead gorgeous luxury resorts, Santorini, Greece oozes romance in every aspect. Visit this wonderful island from September to October or March to May when the weather remains a little warmer. Actually Santorini is a year-round destination. You will have to choose your month of visit according to your travel type. If you are coming for a honeymoon celebration, June through August will be the best. Pen down your itinerary and get ready for a unique Greek holiday experience.

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