Places To Visit In New Jersey

One of the most popular summer getaways in New York City, New Jersey boasts of its some 130 miles of coastline beautifully rimming the Atlantic Ocean. Laidback beaches, fun happening beaches, this state is a hotspot for the beach junkies. Not only beaches, the list of the best places to visit in New Jersey includes several historical locations, natural, and cultural attractions and that has made this most densely populated state of the 50 U.S States, one of the most crowd-pulling tourist destination. Known as the ‘Garden State’ (due to its extensive farmlands), New Jersey hosts postcard-like mountains at the north, so many forest and trails as you move inland, and innumerable museums, gardens, and memorials reminiscing its past glory and history. Let’s scroll through to discover all those fascinating places to visit in New Jersey that are worth indulging in and exploring.

When To Visit?

If you are a chionophile, you might consider visiting Jersey during the winter and early spring. From mid-October to late April, you will get snowfall. Near the shores, the temperature is never very extreme. Summer months are the best if you are planning to hit the beaches. Overall if you are seeking comfortable weather that is neither too cold nor too hot, late-summer or early-fall would be the ideal time to hit the best places to visit in New Jersey. Consider the spring and fall months if you want to enjoy the vibrant festivity. So, let us move on to some of the most iconic destinations in New Jersey so that you can plan your trip according to your taste and preference.

Best Places To Visit In New Jersey Which You Can Not Miss:

The Beach City, Avalon:

With 130 miles of long, beautiful coastlines, the Garden State also wears the crown for being home to the first-ever seaside resort in the United States. And one of the most dynamic beach cities on the Jersey Shore is obviously Avalon. The motto of this affluent borough is ‘cooler by a mile’ and it is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Being named as the ‘chicest beach’ by the US magazine, Washingtonian, Avalon is the best beach resort for you to head to if you love shopping boutique style and dining king style.

Walk along the Broadwalk and spend some time at the Wetlands Institute on Stone Harbour Boulevard. There are noteworthy water parks at the piers where your kids will enjoy water sports and if you want to pamper yourself during the vacay time, there are a lot of spas and massage centers that are worth checking out.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area:

This is an extensive 70,000-acre park in the United States that bestrides the Delaware River along the state-line between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Unleash the adventurer in you and get into some boating, hiking, camping, and cycling. Declared as a National Recreation Area since 1965, the Water Gap area also contains a number of historic places within its boundary. Forested mountains, pristine river valleys, the marvelous Delaware Water Gap, hiking through the lush green and along the ridges – there are so many activities to get done. 27 miles of Appalachian Trail mostly runs along the eastern boundary that is also claimed as the longest hiking-only trail in the world. The recreation area contains remains of some 18th and 19th century villages too which you should make a point to visit if you are a history buff.

Places To Visit In New Jersey: Jersey City:

New Jersey’s second-largest city and all famous for its sprawling waterfront facing the Hudson Bay, Jersey City is one of the most deserving places to visit in New Jersey if you love expensive city vibe, bustling neighborhoods, and unique culture. The city has so much to get explored and you need a whole day or two to complete all the sightseeing and activities.

Liberty State Park is one of the most picturesque places to visit. Enjoy the waterfront, have an excellent panoramic view of the NYC Skyline while you walk along the waterside walkaway. Visit the Mana Contemporary if you have a love for contemporary visual and performing arts. To understand the people of America, their journeys, and New Eras of Immigration, you have to pay a visit to the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Statue of Liberty is surely among the must-sees and do not miss out on the exciting food scenes of this bustling locale. Artist & Maker Market must be on your list if you love hand-crafted goods and fine arts.


Wildwood is a beautiful resort city on the New Jersey coast with 5 miles of white sandy beaches and long Wildwood Broadwalk. With 38 blocks, the waterfront contains amazing water parks, delicious food joints, galleries, and several amusement piers. If you want to escape the overly crowded summer NJ beaches, come nowhere than the Wildwood beaches. It has the state’s widest beaches.

Wildwood is also one city where you can go out for a bike ride anytime you want. Rent a bicycle and stroll along the Broadwalk to enjoy it like a local. Note that the Broadwalk has some of the best 50’s style ice cream parlors and seafood restaurants for you to check out.

Island Beach State Park:

The New Jersey State Park is the largest reserve of an undeveloped barrier island in New Jersey that is a 3,000-acre park protecting a number of shoreline and nearshore habitats. Apart from ten miles of long sandy beaches, the park also contains rolling sand dunes and lush maritime forests. Alluring wildlife and spectacular species of plants are what the visitors get intrigued to.

At the southern end of the park stands the beautiful Barnegat Lighthouse that offers wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, the Inlet, and the wide Beach State Park. Go swimming in the ocean or indulge in some recreational activities, Island Beach State Park is a must-visit place in NJ if you are a nature enthusiast and beach lover.

Places to visit in New Jersey are multifarious. This U.S state has its distinct personality and is dotted with historical, cultural, and natural landmarks. While Sunset Dolphin Watching from Cape May can be a rewarding experience for you, the theme parks and outdoor activities will keep you equipped for as many hours as you want. Beautiful trails amidst the forest lie silently where you can jog, walk or go bike riding. Columbia Trail is one of such natural treasures. Also famous for foods, New Jersey is a place where you will be fed with a lot of unique dishes that you will find nowhere else. Saltwater taffy, great deli sandwiches – you have to taste them on your own. Come to New Jersey, explore multiple destinations, and bring back unforgettable memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

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