Planning to spend a couple of days in Naples, Italy? You would love this historic city with all its pretty attractions and obviously the Naples pizza. Sitting on the Bay of Naples, this one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world boasts of its art and architecture. Italy’s third largest city, after Rome and Milan, Naples is a true delight for the churches, museums, and castles lovers. Soak in history or walk around the narrow streets, explore Greek and Roman flavors or eat up authentic pizzas as much as you can.

Talking about Naples, Italy attractions, we have to first mention about the Royal Palace of Naples. Apart from this restored palace, you gotta visit the ancient Naples National archaeological Museum and Castel Nuovo. When it comes to food, Naples is not only about the pizzas. There are many more authentic food options you must try. So, if you are interested enough then stick to the post and scroll down below to have a snippet of all the gorgeous Naples attractions. Let’s go.



One of the four residences of the Bourbon Kings, the Royal Palace of Naples, Italy is a lavish palace with museum and chronological statues of the rulers of Naples. Having a stunning Italian Baroque and Neo-Classical architecture, this palace resides at the center of modern Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito. Check out the restored royal rooms and the English roof garden. Have a lovely view of the Bay of Naples therefrom and drool over the majestic ad intricate works of the interior. The entry hall, the all red theater room, the throne rooms will leave you spellbound.

  • The palace is closed on TUESDAY.
  • It opens at 8.30 am.



Founded in 1777, this museum is one of the world’s best known museums for its collection and one of the richest also. Artifacts and antiquities from Greek, Roman and Renaissance times, the National Archaeological Museum exhibits some of the classic collections of the sculpture works too. Venus Kallipygos, the Farnese Bull are a few among them. A unique collection of Roman bronzes, important recovered mosaics – this museum is a pure delight to the history buffs and the normal tourists.


Duomo di Napoli or the Naples cathedral is a must visit among all the Naples, Italy attractions. This Roman Catholic cathedral is the main church of Naples and again is very famous for its interior and artwork. The Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, the bronze railing by Cosimo Fanzago are brilliant. This medieval French Gothic church is most popular for the historic as well as the artistic importance.


Hiking up to Mt. Vesuvius is not at all a bad idea when you are in Naples, Italy. This stratovolcano resides at just 9 km east of Naples and you may take Circumvesuviana train from Naples to Pompeii Scavi. From there either take an EAV bus that goes straight up to the volcano or hire a car. Hiking up to the top of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world is a lifetime experience. There is a kiosk on the top of the hill from where you can buy a drink and enjoy the surrounding view for some time.   


If you have a day to kill in Naples, consider visiting the ruins of Pompeii for sure. If you are visiting Mt. Vesuvius, you can add the ruins of Pompeii on the same day.

Some of the stunning spots include the Temple of Apollo (the oldest structure of the ruins), Lupanare ( the largest brothel), the Forum of Pompeii, Pompeii Spectacula amphitheater and so on.
The Ruins at Sunset

Blown away by the devastating explosion of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79, this site was buried under a thick layer of lapilli. Much of archaeological importance, this site is a must mention among all the other Naples, Italy attractions.


This huge medieval castle features as one of the main architectural constructions of the city. It is close to the Naples Harbor and Piazza Municipo and proudly stands as an emblem of the city’s royal past. The Triumphal Arch, the beautiful towers, the significant sculptures, the main hall – Hall of the Barons will sweep you away by their sumptuous existence. Before you leave, take a view of the surrounding from this landmark. You will thank us later.


Traveling to Naples and not tasting the authentic pizzas? At least we can’t allow our readers to make this mistake. Pizza here is another level experience. Here is a list of some of the best pizzerias of the city.

  • Gorizia 1916, Vomero
  • Pizzeria da Attillo, Montesanto
  • Starita, Materdei – One of the oldest among all.
  • 50 Kalo, Piazza Sannazaro

Besides, there are many more excellent food you can try here. Try out the seafood, desserts like zeppole, and do not miss the thoughtful wine selections of Naples, Italy.

So folks and friends, aren’t you guys inspired enough to hit this amazing city during your next vacation? The hotels here are opulent and easy to find and fit into your budget. There are some stereotypes like ‘Naples is dangerous’ and ‘Naples is dirty’ but in reality, it is not true. Come to this unique city, soak in the history, walk down the narrow streets, taste some good food and your vacation will just be sorted with some of the best memories in Naples, Italy.

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