Montego Bay Jamaica

Thinking of a perfect tropical vacation destination? Montego Bay, Jamaica is one of the coolest and most happening places to explore in the Caribbean for the ultimate fun and merry experience. Relaxing, entertaining, peaceful, and with a pop of history and culture, Montego Bay is full of beautiful resorts and glamorous hotels that are ready to provide you with the best ever on-the-beach stay experience whatsoever. If you find Jamaica fun and energetic, note that Montego Bay is the heart of all that fun. And its rich white sand beaches, enough scope of getting into fun water activities, and family fun options make Montego Bay, Jamaica a paradise for tourists. Want to make the most of your travel here? Check out below some of the best attractions that the city is famous for.

Montego Bay, Jamaica is the capital of St. James parish. Often referred to as ‘MoBay’ or ‘Bay’, this beach city is important for Jamaica’s economy because of its very flourishing tourism industry. Locating on the northern side of the country, this gem is often rated as the most favorite tourist spot in Jamaica even beating Kingston. Come for your honeymoon or come later with your full family, the city is romantic, exciting, and truly incredible. Check out below the main attractions before you can finalize your trip to this wonderland.

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Doctor’s Cave Beach:

Doctor’s Cave Beach and Bathing Club is one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica. Its turquoise-colored clean water, sugary sand, and sheltered location make it an ideal place to soak in nature and relax. It is said that the water here is of curative nature and that makes this serene beach more popular among the visitors coming here.

The warm water of the Caribbean, other facilities like bars, changing rooms, restaurants, and showers, and many hotels that dot the beach, make it a super comfortable beach that lures visitors. The beach, being a part of the Montego Bay Marine Park houses rich marine life too.

Sam Sharpe Square:

Situating in the downtown area, this famous square is named after one of Jamaica’s national heroes and anti-slavery campaigner, Samuel Sharpe. It is a place to visit if you want to learn something about the country’s rich history. Originally called Charles Square, today this hustling square is a popular boulevard. Explore Montego Bay’s history and see the bronze monument. 

Visit the National Heroes Museum which is the main attraction of the square. Also, get to the Montego Bay Civic Center which is a reconstruction of the 1803 Montego Bay courthouse. If you are visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica, this square is a must-visit for you for soaking in some history and also for watching the world go by.

Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary:

Hummingbirds, Jamaican Orioles, Caribbean Doves, Northern Mocking birds, and more – this sanctuary in Montego Bay is a bird watching paradise. Apart from the native and migrant birds, many other bird species do come here to feed too. Here, visitors can feed thousands of birds in the garden and feel all cheerful about that. The place is about 20 minute drive away from the city and inside the garden you can opt for a guided tour. The experience of feeding the hummingburds by your own hands is truly amazing. Also take a tour of the garden and learn to identify several trees and herbs.

Martha Brae River:

Your trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica is not complete without you going for a bamboo rafting in this tranquil river. The embarkation area is named ‘Rafter’s Village’ and it locates on a natural horseshoe island. Boarding on a bamboo boat and relaxing while taking in the lush scenery of the dense forest – it is an experience of a lifetime. The bamboo rafts are of 30 feet in length and you are supposed to sit on your private raft while a skilled raft’s man will float you through the pearl-green water lazily. On both the side along your way, you will get dense forest, colorful birds chirping along your way, and the experience is surely worthwhile.

Also, visit Miss Martha’s Herb Garden where various herbs with medicinal properties are planted. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with a glass of welcome drink and then you get a blissful time ahead free to romance with nature, the tranquility of the river, and the dreamy ambiance.

The Luminous Lagoon:

Locating off the bay of Falmouth, the Luminous Lagoon is a natural wonder. And how this normal body of water turns into a shimmering body of bioluminescent bay in the night is totally an episode to witness. Many tour boats are organized from many hotels and they cruise into the corners of the lagoons so that visitors can witness this magical episode.

Basically, many microscopic sea creatures call this lagoon to be their home and they glow in the dark. It is also said that there are only three of such lagoons in the world where you get to see such luminous events. For the best ever experience, get into the water, take a swim, and see shimmering swirls and blue hues being created while you move your body to swim across the water. Certainly one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Rose Hall Great House:

This 1770 plantation house is said to be haunted and it is associated with a dark history. Locating at a distance of about 20 minutes drive away from Montego Bay, the house was once ruled by Annie Palmer who is also known as the White Witch of Rose Hall. She was cruel and had black magic power. She used to punish the slaves in this house and according to the stories, the house today is a haunted one. 

Day and night tours are organized of the house and we recommend you to take part in the nighttime tour for some heart-pumping experiences. The house still is decorated with old furniture and there also is a golf course in the estate. Getting to this estate and taking part in a house tour in the night is one of the most unique things to do in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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