Largest Cities In California

The Golden State is one of the best places to live in the United States. From the rolling hills in the north to the sandy beaches to the south, California has some of the most beautiful and picturesque cities that are perfect for settling down and are popular tourist destinations as well. California is currently the most populous state in the USA and is the sunshine of the West Coast. The Golden State is home to the country’s some of the large and most populous cities too. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fran- you name it and all of them are situated in California. Want to know about the largest cities in California? Here we have listed below the largest cities of the state according to the size of their population. Let’s check them out one by one. 

Largest Cities In California That Are Great To Live In:

#1. Los Angeles:

With an estimated population of nearly four million, Los Angeles or L.A. is the largest city in California, the second-most populous city in the United States, and also is the third most populous city in North America following Mexico City and New York City. A hub for the entertainment industry, this dazzling city is home to many celebrities and boasts of its buzzing cosmopolitan vibe. Hollywood is a must-see here and so are the best amusement parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Pacific Park. World-famous restaurants, a lot of boutique shops, and entertainment options have always made L.A. a wonderful and most popular tourist destination. The City of Angeles or the La-La Land – Los Angeles is the land of sand and surf, and it consists of many neighborhoods each of them holding special characteristics. Also home to one of the largest ports in the USA, Los Angeles is certainly cool, flamboyant, and happening.

#2. San Diego:

On the list of the largest cities in California, San Diego stands in the second position. San Diego is way more laid back than Los Angeles and sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the U.S-Mexico border. This second-most populous city in California is also the eighth-most populous city in the US and is famous all over the world for its natural harbor, mild climate all over the year, beautiful beaches, surf waves, and Baja-Med cuisine. If you are planning to settle down in San Diego, good news for you, you can find out many innovative job opportunities here. Although the city is pretty expensive to live in, the city enjoys a mild climate year long and is a very well-planned city with a relaxed vibe. The city experiences occasional earthquakes, so keep that too in mind.

#3. San Jose:

The heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third-largest city in California by population and the 10th most populous city in the US. The capital of Silicon Valley is not only one of the largest cities in California but also is a major hub of technology and a global economic center. Surrounded by rolling hills, the city is full of frolicking destinations. For tourists, there is the San Jose Museum of Art and the Children’s Discovery Museum. Nearer to the city, there is California’s Great America amusement park that is one of the most entertaining family hang-out areas in California’s Bay Area. If you are planning to move in here, you are making a very good choice. Great weather, safe neighborhoods, good education, and health facilities make San Jose a great place to live in. Although the cost of living is much higher here when compared to cities like San Fran, the other factors compensate for it.

#4. San Francisco:

Everyone gets a job in San Francisco. A great place to live in, San Fran is the fourth largest city in California. Its cool summer, great architecture, landmarks, and many restaurants make it a tourist hotspot. Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park – these are prime attractions of the city. San Fran is expensive to live in though. Home to the largest LGBTQ community in the U.S, the city is happening for many reasons. Dizzying numbers of neighborhoods, great dining scene, and more – San Francisco is a delight to live in.

#5. Fresno:

Fresno is the Spanish word for ‘ash tree’ and it nicely sits within the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Shop your heart out at this one of the largest cities in California and also experience a whole lot of colorful festivities that this city plays host to. When you are in the 5th largest city of California, make it a point to set a visit to Fresno’s first and oldest synagogue, Temple Beth Israel. Besides, you get to visit three large public parks here and also the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. According to the 2020 census, Fresno has a total population of 542,012. And the great part about this city is that it has a relatively affordable real estate industry and the cost of living here is also relatively low.

#6. Sacramento: / Getty Images

The capital city of California and also the sixth-largest city in the state, Sacramento is the fastest-growing major city in California. With a high standard of living, the best health care facilities, and great scope of education, Sacramento is a cool place to settle down. Though an offbeat tourist destination for the tourists coming to California, the city hosts some cool sightseeing spots that include some museums, eateries, Sacramento Zoo, and Fairytale Town. It is also a place to head to many local farmers’ markets and to have a tour of the wineries and breweries. Old Sacramento Waterfront is another cool place to experience the history and many entertainment options.

#7. Long Beach:

With a population of 462, 628, Long Beach is the seventh-largest city in California by population. This is a beautiful coastal city that locates in the Greater Los Angeles Area and houses the Grand Prix of Long Beach. The Port of Long Beach is one of the largest shipping ports in the world too. White sand beaches, sophisticated neighborhoods, rich culture, and great job opportunities make this one of the largest cities in California a lucrative place to settle down. If you are a tourist coming to Long Beach to spend a vacation, do not miss out on surfing at Seal Beach or at the stretches of sand along the Long Beach Downtown. Aquarium of the Pacific and the historic RMS Queen Mary are also some of the must-visit attractions.

#8. Oakland:

This Northern Californian city is situated along the eastern shores of San Fran Bay and is the eighth-largest city in California. It is a major West Coast port city and the third-largest city overall in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sitting just at a distance that is 12 minutes away from San Fran, this, one of the largest cities in California is a center of art and music and houses a hip dining scene and world-class sports teams. A great place to settle down as it is one of the most environment-friendly cities in the USA. Considering its 2018 cost of living, Oakland is the 5th most expensive city in the United States.

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