Hot Springs In California

Hot springs are originated due to the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises up from the Earth’s crust. You can find hot springs all around the world on almost all continents and in many countries as well. And in California, you will find abundant public and private geothermal hot springs where visitors can soak in naturally warm water that carries healing properties. These hot springs in California are sure to relax your whole body and soothe your tired mind once you immerse yourself in them. The thermal baths and bubbling private pools are just so satisfying. California’s landscape is dotted with many gorgeous natural features and these mineral-rich hot springs are an outstanding part of that. If you are setting a trip to California and want to rejuvenate and detox yourself in these mineral-rich hot springs in California, give this post a read and check out the best thermal baths in California.

California’s geographical location is responsible for so many stunning natural hot pools occurring here. The state lies along the pacific ring of Fire and experiences earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Its outstanding natural beauty from forests to coasts to the southern deserts are also hiding an unending number of bubbling pools amidst the wilderness and private pool in luxury resort cities. These will surely compel you to visit these destinations and get into the soothing and steaming water of the springs. Relax, unwind, and soothe your tired muscles and mind at these best of the enticing hot springs in California.

Most Rejuvenating Hot Springs In California To Visit:

Sierra Hot Springs Resort & Retreat Center, Sierraville:

If you want to take the pleasure of soaking in the hot pools and enjoy the thrill of stargazing – you have to come to Sierra Hot Springs. The resort is located 25 miles north of Truckee near the town of Sierraville and its location just edges the Tahoe National Forest overlooking the wonderful sierra Valley. Beautifully constructed pools having a temperature ranging between 29.5 degrees to 43 degrees Celcius, the pools here are ideal to visit during the summers.

But if you find summer to be really crowded over here, winter must be the best choice for you. It’s Temple Dome Pool Area that locates just down a forested trail is an exclusive experience altogether. And do you know what is the best part about these hot springs in California? Hey, they are clothing-optional. Feel the thrill of remote hot springs coupled with the wilderness adventure of the Sierras, when you visit this hot pool.

Desert Hot Springs:

It is possibly the most famous hot spring in California. Locating in Coachella Valley, this South Californian desert oasis resort city is filled with countless spa resorts and literally, all of these resorts have beautiful soothing hot tubs that are filled with natural mineral water. Most of the hot springs here are odorless and one of the main characters of this desert oasis is that here you get the purest form of hot as well as cold mineral springs. A city with more than 20 natural mineral springs all adorned with boutique hotels that have unique mid-century modern architecture and good services, Desert Hot Springs should not be missed if you want to get drenched in an overwhelming sense of tranquility.

Vichy Hot Springs:

The 160-year old historic hot springs that locate only two hours north of downtown San Fran, Vichy Spring Resort is the place to enjoy the naturally warm and carbonated Vichy Mineral baths that you only get to experience in this resort in North America. Book your overnight stays here or just come here to dip in the pool during the day time, Vichy Hot Springs in Ukiah is California’s oldest continuously operating hot springs resort. Gorgeous accommodations are offered. And just a few feet from accommodations, 10 historically famous hot bathing tubs await you. Soak deep in these best hot springs in California that were used by rich and very famous persons in the history of California and America as well. Jack London, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, John L. Sullivan – all had remained guests of this plush resort.

Complement your bath with the gorgeous view of the travertine grotto and take pleasure in Swedish massage and herbal facials. Rest, you come to this serenity and explore everything that is beyond these refreshing pools.


One of the most gorgeous hot springs in California, Esalen Hot Springs lie along the Pacific Ocean in the very beautiful Big Sur. Esalen, apart from being a hot bath destination is a retreat center, an educational institution with self-realization workshops, and more. Come, meditate here, and enjoy spending time in the spring-fed hot tubs perched above a rugged Californian coastline. Come clothed or without clothes – Esalen is a perfect respite for your mind and body giving you a nourishing sensation and quiet ambiance. They also organize public night bathing that goes on from 1.00 am to 3.00 am and you must register yourself for that.

Wilber Hot Springs:

This is one of the best hot springs in California that is an ‘off the grid’, solar-power run hot spring. It takes about 2 hours to reach here from San Fran and Wilber is a destination resort hotel with the best of the natural hot mineral water in Northern California. Wilber Hot Springs is historic, a health sanctuary, and covers an area of about 1800 acres in Williams. The hot springs are sourced from the ground near Bear Creek and have a temperature of 140 degrees F to 152 degrees F.

You will get to see beautiful Japanese-style onsen structures here and the property is a digital-free-zone. You would love to indulge in the serenity of the surrounding valley and will instantly feel rejuvenated. This is a clothing-optional spring and there is even a geyser inside the property. These hot springs which also are a nature preserve, allow you to get up close and personal with nature if you choose to go hiking and also mountain biking.

Sycamore Mineral Springs:

The Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa sits on a natural hot spring along the coast of San Luis Obispo California. The town of Avila Beach where it is located, is a destination with amazing beaches too. The resort and spa has 72 comfortable guest rooms and suites and all of them are having private hot tubs on private balconies or patios. A fabulous nature retreat with a lot of open space and hiking trails, the Sycamore Mineral Springs is one of the best therapeutic hot springs in California.

It also has outdoor pools and an on-site spa service. Lounges and restaurants have good ambiance and they serve world-class cuisines. Spend a day in the peaceful and relaxing environment of Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and distress yourself and feel an inner-sense of well being while you dip into the naturally heated mineral water and soak in the beauty of the Oasis Waterfall Lagoon.

Sespe Hot Springs:

One of the most beautiful hot springs in California, Sespe hot springs sit at a fairly remote and secluded place. Locating in the desert mountains near Sespe Condor Sanctuary near Ojai, these hot springs and hot creeks are so scenic and full of warmth. The mineral water that seeps out of the ground has a temperature of about 90 degrees C and it mixes with the cool water that comes off the creek. There is also an ancient hot sauna and a hot waterfall that beautify the region even more. You get to relax in several rejuvenating hot pools in a wild and serene surrounding. But you have to cross a fairly challenging trail for that.

California is a hot springs wonderland. And there are many more rejuvenating hot springs there that seek a mention. Deep Creek Hot Springs in Los Angeles, Wild Willy’s Hot Springs near the Mammoth Lakes, Travertine Hot Springs – all of them are magical mineral-rich hot springs in California. And setting a visit to these destinations will prove to be a restorative vacation to soothe, heal, and relax your tiring muscles, and stressed-out mind.

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