Hoi An Vietnam

An ancient and exemplarily well-preserved city that is unlike any other Southeast Asian city, Hoi An welcomes its visitors to a different world that is so full of extraordinary spectacles and landscapes. Locating in the central Quang Nam Province, right on the course of a stunning canal, Hoi An, Vietnam is quiet and laid-back and vibrant and bright and everything that falls in between. With so much to do and so much to see in this pristine Vietnamese city, you really need to spend at least a week here to get done with visiting all its attractions. Great beaches, impeccable architecture, incredible culture, and even more gorgeous shopping and dining scene – Hoi An is one of the best destinations in Vietnam and something beyond that. Take a cue from our today’s article where we shall talk about some of the best and top-rated places to visit in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Hoi An, Vietnam:

Hoi An Ancient Town:

The Old Town of Hoi An, sitting on the Thu Bon River is a living museum packed with breathtaking buildings that consist of a Japanese bridge, pagodas, wooden shophouses, Chinese temples, and a lot more. And definitely with all these attractions, it is one of the best places to visit in Hoi An, Vietnam. A World Heritage Site since 1999, the Old Town has so beautifully preserved its root and you can see both Chinese and Japanese as well as Dutch and Spanish influence over here. The riverside gets all lit up with lanterns during the night time and the best thing about this part of the city is that it can be explored on foot. Shop souvenirs from the shops that have carefully preserved the past and visit the major landmarks like the Japanese Bridge, Guan Yin Temple, and Tran family home and chapel. Also, there are several museums in the Old Town for you to check out, and do not miss out on the folk music performances that are organized at the Hoi An Handicraft Workshop. 

Japanese Covered Bridge:

Undoubtedly, the Japanese Covered Bridge which is a part of the Old Town is one of the most visited landmarks not only in Hoi An but also in the entire country. The bridge is also known as the Cau Chua Pagoda and was built in the 16th century. It is claimed to be built by the Japanese people, then living in Hoi An as a path to reach the Chinese neighborhood that was across the water. A revered symbol of Hoi An, the landmark has undergone many renovation works but the main detailing has remained original and unaltered. On one side of the bridge, there are two statues of monkeys and on the other side, there are two dog ones. There are various stories floating around describing why these statues were made. A brilliant example of Japanese architecture, the French people flattened out the arch to make roadway for the cars. Although the original arch shape was restored in 1986. 

An Bang Beach:

The long stretches of coastline are in real proximity to the city. There are some brilliant beaches near the city of Hoi An, Vietnam which you just can’t miss out on visiting. You will find some crowded spots packed with backpackers and also some quaint options that are only popular among the locals. 

An Bang is a happening beach that is popular as a late-night, party beach and it is somewhat a touristy beach. Undeniably it is the most famous beach in Hoi An, Vietnam and one can even have a swim or two in the water here. The beach here has all the best bars, homestays, and restaurants.

An Bang South Beach:

If you are looking out for something more serene and quiet, head toward the southern end of the main An Bang beach which is relatively unspoiled and is the best retreat to soak up in the sun and catch some surf. Here the crowd is less and the water is less rough compared to the main An Bang beach. That does not mean, you won’t get any pub or bar here. There are beach bars and homestays here too but they have not yet killed the natural charm of the place. 

Hoi An Tailors:

Getting your own custom-made dress in Hoi An, Vietnam is definitely gonna be a lifetime experience. And you do not have to do much for that. Hoi An, famed as the tailoring capital of the world is filled to the brim with brilliant tailoring shops and they make pieces at affordable rates and the quality of the dresses is worthy enough to live up to international grade. So when you are in Hoi An, visit the city’s best tailoring shops, browse through the varieties of fabrics, colors, and designs of clothing items, tell them your choices, get measured, and expect to get delivered with your suit or dress just the next day. It sounds crazy but this is how the process works there. Some of the best tailoring houses to check out are Yaly Couture, A Dong Silk, and Beve Tailor. 

Hoi An Night Market:

Locating on Nguyen Hoang Street, just opposite the Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An Night Market is sure to make you perplexed about what to buy and what not to. There are over 50 vendors selling everything from local snacks to handicrafts to clothing, knick-knacks, accessories, and more, and the market is on a 300-meter-long street where visitors can walk through and check out the sellable items. The market is open from 5 pm to 10 pm and apart from local items to shop, you will also get lip-smacking local foods to gorge on. The beautifully glowing paper lanterns will transcend you to another world and you really need to buy one of such lanterns to take back home as a token of nostalgia. Hoi An Night Market is surely one of the best places to visit in Hoi An, Vietnam

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