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Fondly called the “City of the Tribes”, Galway is a city in the West of Ireland to easily fall in love with. From impressive churches and cathedrals to ample culture to being a cradle of Irish music, Galway, Ireland offers you everything. It has history, natural beauty, and more. The dramatic cliffs of Moher leave everyone breathless and its hip nightlife with numerous pubs and bars is another reason you would love to set a visit to this Irish city. The city located along the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way has an unending number of magnetic attractions that keep visitors allured. Planning a trip to Galway which is also referred to as the ‘Cultural Heart of Ireland’? Below is a list of the best places to visit in this diverse Irish city. 

Galway’s intimate relationship with the sea makes it more gorgeous. And it is also a base to hit many of the nation’s must-visit destinations. From Latin Quarter to the Spanish Arch and from the very colorful Quay Street to the very beautiful Salthill Promenade that offers you a spectacular walk along the Atlantic Ocean – these are the best places to visit in Galway, Ireland that are delightful beyond description. 

Top-rated And Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Galway, Ireland:

Latin Quarter:

Sitting on the left bank of the Corrib river, this is the cultural heart of Galway. With its cobbled streets, old school charm adorned with so many inviting pubs, bars, restaurants, and shops as well, Latin Quarter is one of the first and foremost attractions in the city. The air of this entertainment district always remains filled with the divine musical performances done by talented street musicians.

Explore the city’s much medieval heritage and visit the shops and boutiques that are gleefully standing along the cobbled High Street. They are all packed with knit clothing items, pottery, and more. Do not miss out on visiting the very famous Galway Woollen Market.

Quay Street:

A visit to this energetic and lively street with pubs, bars, and shops around is another absolute must during your trip to Galway, Ireland. A pedestrian-friendly street with all things colorful, its buzzing vibe will surely leave you elated. Buy wooden showpieces, woolen clothes, and more, Quay Street must be explored on foot to take in its jazzy and fun vibe. Admire the vintage beauty of the beautiful buildings and enjoy a few pints of beer while you see the world go by along this lively street. Also, note that Quay Street is the heart of Galway’s nightlife with its welcoming and peppy atmosphere.

Connemara National Park:


One of the six national parks in Ireland, Connemara National Park is located within County Galway which is to the north of Galway City. A paradise allowing you to bike, hike, and ride, the national park can be reached from the city on a road trip. Dramatic peaks, peat bogs, sand beaches make up the landform of the region and it exerts an incredible rural bliss. And the national park is surely the best attraction of the Connemara region. Go for a short walk or take up a challenging trek, the park boasts some amazing flora and it is also home to some traces of early human habitations within its city limit.

For a brilliant dose of history, visit the old graveyard and the megalithic court tomb that was built around 5,000 years ago. Hike Diamond Hill to get a commendable view over the ocean and visit the tea room too. This 2,957 hectares of the scenic national park on the Wild Arctic Way is one of the greatest attractions in Galway, Ireland.

Salthill Promenade:

Only a 40 minutes walk away from Galway city center, this 2 miles long promenade overlooking Galway Bay is the best place to take in the most beautiful view of the bay and the Aran Islands. A place ideal for strolling, jogging, rollerblading and walking, there are also benches provided along the waterfront where you can sit, chill, and soak in the most beautiful view in the front. Many fantastic bars, cafes, and restaurants also rim the promenade and the place is near to many visit-worthy sightseeing spots too.

Eyre Square:

This historic square is another glorious attraction of the medieval city of Galway, Ireland. It has remained one of the most significant meeting points of the city since the medieval past. The main public plaza which is very close to the Latin Quarter got a renovation in the 2000s. The plaza is officially known as John F. Kennedy Memorial Park and due to its intense history and great popularity, it remains the playground of the city.

Also, many seasonal markets are hosted here throughout the year. Many works of art adorn the place too. Among which the Quincentennial Fountain is one of the most commendable omes. The plaza is also the city’s major shopping destination with more than 70 high street chains and food joints.

Galway Cathedral:

Overlooking the Corrib River, Galway Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the spectacular members of the city’s skyline and is an emblematic landmark to visit in Galway, Ireland. Considered the youngest great stone cathedral in entire Europe, the cathedral boasts wonderful architecture. Its signature octagonal dome is identifiable from a faraway distance and the architecture of the church is believed to get influenced by Renaissance, Romanesque, and Gothic architectural styles. 

Inside the church, get to see a large Crucifixion mosaic by Patrick Pollen and also the very beautiful Imogen Stuart’s statue of the Blessed Virgin. Other than that, the rose windows, a very spectacular pipe organ, and more – you have to visit this stupendous church while in Galway, Ireland.

Galway City Museum:

Covering everything from history, art, and archaeology, this city museum is another major attraction of Galway, Ireland. The place pays major tribute to the city’s cultural heritage and is a wonderful museum where you will be seeing ‘hooker’, traditional Galway sailboat, and many artifacts like tin signs, pipes, etc from the city’s pubs dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. The medieval stone collection houses various carvings and architectural fragments which date mainly to the 16th and 17th century Galway City.

Apart from the permanent collection, there is the Civic Sword and Mace, the Daily Collection with twenty-four paintings and four sculptures that are on loan. Also, there is a photography gallery worth checking out. If you want to have an idea about the city’s folk history and art, Galway City Museum is certainly one of the best places to visit in Galway, Ireland.

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