Dubrovnik, the name itself gives us awe. This glittering gem in the Adriatic Sea is our today’s point of travel discussion. If you are a fond lover of the much talked about and popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series, then you will be very happy to know that much of the series was filmed in the old city of Dubrovnik that includes the Pile and Ploce gate, St. Dominika street, and obviously many portions along the city walls of Bokar fortress and Minceta tower. Dubrovnik travel is a unique synthesis of history, scenic views, massive architectural wonders, beaches, nightlife, and kid-friendly activities.


This Croatian city has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea belt. While you can catch the city’s pulse at the Stradun, city’s main street, the old town will blow your mind with massive baroque buildings and historical structures. The ancient city walls whisper many untold stores into your ears and you will enjoy a city walk by the city’s limestone streets. So, without further ado, let’s get into those best places which you must visit during your Dubrovnik travel.

Best Places You Must Visit During Your Dubrovnik Travel:

A Tour Of Dubrovnik’s Medieval City Walls And Forts:


Dubrovnik travel is just incomplete if you don’t visit its one of its kind walls and forts. The walls of Dubrovnik are actually a series of defensive stone walls that encircle the Old Town. Massive in structure and you get a wonderful view of the glistening Adriatic from the top of the walls. There are many guided city walks conducted every day, which you can join to understand the wall’s history clearly.

You get all the important forts along your walk. Fort Minceta, Fort Bokar, Fort Lawrence, Fortress St. John, there are many.  The old city core is truly historical and you will surely enjoy the romantic walk along the walls and forts.  

Lokrum Island:


Apart from the essence of history, the marvelous structures, and Old Town, Dubrovnik also treasures some beautiful natural islands and Lokrum is one of them. The forested island is a 10-minute ferry ride from the Old Harbour. The island has a botanical garden with lush greenery that includes laurel, oak, pines, cypress, olives, palms, etc. There is also a monastery and a castle named Fort Royal Castle in the island. The castle’s name was later changed to ‘Maximilian’s Tower’. There is a small saltwater lake on the southern side of the island, named the Dead Sea where you can spend some time swimming. Other popular attractions include the nudist beach and Dubrovnik’s de facto gay beach.   


Banje Beach:


When you are too much tired after the long hectic city walk, the best option is to spend some relaxing time at the Banje Beach which is much closer to the city’s Old Town. This beach is one of the best beaches in the South Dalmatia and you get a splendid view of the Old Town and part of Lokrum Island from here. Part of the beach has an entry fee and the rest of the part is free and one thing you must know is that there is no parking area nearer to the beach. You have to park your vehicle in the city’s parking zone and then get down there following the stairs. Spend your leisure in the beach by just sitting and relaxing or engaging in activities like water polo or beach volleyball. 




Stradun which is also named as Placa is the main street of Dubrovnik. This 300 meters long limestone-paved street runs from the Pile Gate to the Ploce Gate of the Old Town Wall and is truly a pedestrian street. Talking about Dubrovnik travel, this street is a must-visit that will take you back to the city’s history. This street is an east-west direction street, having Pile Gate at the western end and Ploce Gate at the eastern end. You will find beautiful Large Onofrio’s Fountain welcoming you at the western gate and along your walk, you will be allured by the array of shops, boutiques, and stores that house quirky jewelry to souvenirs to even wine. 

Take A Cable Car Ride To Mt. Srd:


If you are in Dubrovnik, take a cable car ride up to the city’s highest point Mount Srd (415 meters). You will get a clear, panoramic view of the whole city, the Adriatic Sea, and some of the islands from there. There are good bars up on the hill. So enjoy the serene views and enjoy your drink. The cable car ride is available from 9 AM to 12 AM. So you can probably spend much of your time there if you have a couple of days in your hand. 


Elafiti Islands:


Slightly north-west to the Dubrovnik, lies this beautiful assortment of six islands. Three main islands are Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan of which, Kolocep and Lopud are entirely car-free. You can take a public ferry from Dubrovnik to the islands and spend a day there to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The Sunj Beach

Indulge in snorkeling, kayaking, swimming over there and if you are staying at Lopud, don’t miss to visit the Sunj beach.  

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Dubrovnik is proudly named as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and it is perfectly justified. From majestic monuments to cobbled alleys to prompt escape to the beautiful islands – Dubrovnik travel is exquisite and evocative. While the Old Town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the islands like Elaphities, Lokrum make you feel like you are a free bird in the lap of nature. Soak in the history while you visit the beautiful monuments and churches and we swear you, Dubrovnik travel will satisfy your travel bug like one’s business.

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