Deepest Lakes In The World

The divine beauty of a lake during the sunset is worth enjoying. Go kayaking on a warm relaxing summer afternoon or just soak in its beauty, lakes are fascinating in every aspect. Our world has many beautiful lakes that draw tourists for their unspoiled landscape and unique surrounding. Lake Tahoe in California and the Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming which is the largest high-elevation freshwater lake in North America are admired for their serenity and also evoke imagination in us. The depth of it fascinates us and we sense a mystery in it. And today, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the deepest lakes in the world that are both beautiful and are adored for their great depth. 

Today there are many technologies available that are used to measure the depth of a lake. Some of the high-tech tools we use today are sonar, remote cameras, and also miniature submarines. Known for their spectacular beauty and great depth – these deepest lakes in the world are worth talking about. In today’s article, we will be mentioning about five of the top ten deepest lakes in the world, and in the next article, the other five will be discussed. Have a good read and also learn about these majestic lakes. 

Deepest Lakes In The World (Part I) That You Must Visit:

Lake Matano, Indonesia:

The world’s tenth deepest lake by maximum depth, Lake Matano, situated in East Luwu Regency in South Sulawesi, Indonesia has a depth of 590m. The deepest lake in Indonesia, Lake Matano or Matana also wears the crown for being the deepest lake on an island by maximum depth. The deepest part of the lake is even below sea level. This, one of the deepest lakes in the world is not only revered for its beauty but also hosts stunning floral and faunal diversity of which some are endemic to the lake. This is a tectonic lake that has a length of 28 kilometers and a width of 8 kilometers and is beautiful by all means.

Crater Lake, Oregon:

Located in the Cascade Range in Oregon, Crater Lake is the clearest and deepest lake in the USA and is the 9th deepest lake in the world by maximum depth. Forming about 7,700 years ago, the lake boasts its gorgeous deep blue color and clear water. A part of Crater Lake National Park, the lake has a maximum depth of 594 m. The lake is famous for offering many recreational activities and the surrounding park is a haven for outdoor adventure lovers. Formed due to the collapse of Mount Mazama mountain and rimmed by towering cliffs, the lake is best-visited during the summer months of July and August.

Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories Of Canada:

The deepest lake in North America and the second-largest lake in Canada, Great Slave Lake is the 8th deepest lake in the world with a maximum depth of 614 meters. Being 469 km long and 20 to 203 km wide and covering an area of 27,200 km2, it also happens to be the tenth-largest lake in the world. The lake was named after a group of Athabascan-speaking Indians called the Slave or Slavey. The lake has two arms (the North and East arms) and each showcases varied beauty. The North arm is all famous for its sandy beaches and birds whereas, the East arm is picturesque with red cliffs and ample islands. It is surely one of the best deepest lakes in the world to set a visit to.

Lake Ysyk, Kyrgyzstan:

An endorheic lake in the Northern Tian Shan mountains in Eastern Kyrgyzstan, Lake Ysyk is one of the largest alpine lakes in the world locating at an elevation of 1606 meters. Beautiful and an important Ramsar site of globally significant biodiversity, Lake Ysyk is the seventh-deepest lake in the world with a depth of 668 m and also is the tenth largest lake in the world by volume. Rimmed by snow-capped peaks, the name of the lake means ‘hot lake’, a lake that never freezes. It is so because the area where the lake is located is geothermally active and the lake is slightly saline.

Lake Malawi, Africa:

This African Great Lake which is known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Niassa in Mozambique is the second-deepest lake in Africa and the sixth-deepest lake in the world. One of the most beautiful and deepest lakes in the world, Malawi is home to extraordinary biodiversity. It contains more species of fish than any other lake and the majority of the fishes belong to the cichlid family. Being the southern-most lake in the East African Rift System, the lake has a maximum depth of 706 meters that makes it the sixth-deepest lake in the world. Ancient, unique, long, thin, and deep, it is amazing to know that Lake Malawi is a meromictic lake that is the layers of water of this lake do not mix. With a shoreline of about 1,500 kilometers and three layers of water, Lake Malawi is one of the most beautiful and deepest lakes in the world. 

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