Cities In Maine

The northernmost and the largest state in the New England region of the USA, Maine is located in the northeastern part of the country and its 16 counties are contained by many cities, towns, and plantations. And the state has a total of 23 cities of which some are so charming that their unmatched beauty and atmosphere make them the must-visit cities in Maine.

Portland which is the largest city in the state is also the most attractive one as it contains some of the state’s top sights. Lewiston is the second-largest city which also offers plenty of attractions. Apart from these big and vibrant cities, there are also some small towns or cities in Maine that are no less beautiful and are bustling with unique allure. So if you are traveling to this incredible state anytime soon, below are the top-rated cities in Maine that you must consider exploring. 

Top-rated And Best Cities In Maine To Visit:


A serene and snowy moment in historic Portland
Photograph courtesy of Corey Templeton Photography

It goes without saying that, Portland is the most attractive and popular city in Maine that travelers coming to this state must visit. Locating in Cumberland County and having the 19th century Old Port, Portland is historic, vibrant, artsy, and in perfect harmony with old and new. It has everything to woo visitors coming to the city and you must be amazed by its quaint cobblestoned streets, idyllic lighthouses, cool architecture, buzzing nightlife, and finger-licking good food especially seafood. To get the sheer taste of a New England vacation, you just have to come to this pretty coastal town.

From tasting lobster rolls to exploring its art scene and breweries and from enjoying all its outdoor adventures as well as the cityscape, Portland offers you everything that will keep you occupied. The city can also be visited during winters and it is the best time to try snowshoeing on the surrounding trails. 


The second-largest city in Maine, Lewiston is known for its diverse multi-cultural characteristics and plenty of tourist-friendly attractions in its own right. Lewiston is one half of the ‘Twin Cities’ of Maine where the other half is Auburn. With many museums, historic sights, several recreation activities, and more – Lewiston is also one of the top-rated cities in Maine where foodies will also enjoy for sure. 

Some of the must-visit attractions of the city are Museum L-A, the theThorncrag Bird Sanctuary, the Public Theatre, Bates College Museum of Art, and more. Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, which is one of the largest churches in New England is also on the must-visit card. Museum L-A, where L stands for Lewiston and A stands for Auburn, is the best place to learn about the region’s history that is chalked by the people of the area. If time allows, one must also take a walk along the Auburn Riverwalk that lets one admire the beauty of the Androscoggin River. It is certainly one of the most diverse cities in Maine to visit.

South Portland:

Locating south of the city of Portland, as the name implies, South Portland is the fourth-largest city in Maine with stunning sights and attractions on offer. The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse which is a sparkplug lighthouse is an admire-worthy attraction that stands tall at the end of the Spring Point Shoreway. Get an excellent view of the ocean and the city once you get there.

Besides, the city contains many natural as well as cultural attractions that are waiting to get explored. Discover the local history at South Portland Historical Society Museum and take a stroll or go biking on the Greenbelt Walkway which is an off-road pathway. Catch a quality performance at the Mad Horse Theatre and explore all the great bakeries that the city boasts. When you are tired after the full-day sightseeing, call it a day by sipping beer at the Island Dog Brewing. South Portland is one of the best cities in Maine to visit for sure. 



Now coming to a very pretty and small resort town in York County, York is a historic as well as a resort town where many historical attractions abound. The city has four villages and they are York Beach, York Harbour, York Village, and Cape Neddick which are equally beautiful. Standing on the top of the Cape Neddick Nubble, Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the country.

To kick back and relax, you may head straight to Long Sands Beach that is situated just nearby the lighthouse. Enjoy the pristine coastal view when you visit and stroll on the picturesque Marginal Way Trail and also consider visiting York’s the Wild Kingdom which is a zoo and an amusement park as well.

Besides, there are museums, brilliant views of the ocean as well as mountains, and pretty beaches to just relax on. So if you are looking out for a perfectly delightful getaway that offers you both water and pretty sights, York is one of the best small cities in Maine to visit for sure.

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