Capital Cities In The World

If you want to know about a country, you have to visit its capital city. A capital city is a window into the soul of a country. Our world is having a total of 195 countries and each of them has its own capital city. You will be astonished to know that few of the countries also have multiple capitals. And among all these cities, there are a few capital cities in the world that shine out bright with their excellent show of attractions. They house brilliant architecture, are home to lip-smacking cuisine and are perfect travel destinations with a wide variety of exciting things to do and places to see. So if you are looking out for such capital cities that are a wonderful mix of iconic landmarks and diverse culture, below are some of the best-chosen ones that you must consider visiting. 

Best Capital Cities In The World To Visit:

Ankara, Turkey:

The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is one of the best capital cities in the world to visit. Often visitors coming to Turkey do not add Ankara to their travel itineraries which is certainly a huge mistake. If you want to learn about turkey’s history, Ankara is the place to be at. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations must be visited if you want to know about the pre-classical era man history of Anatolia. Ankara is a famous center for performing arts. It houses the State Opera and Ballet, Presidential Symphony Orchestra and many theatrical companies, and some of the exciting museums. Visit The Mausoleum of Ataturk, Ankara Citadel, the streets of the Old Quarter and your visit to Turkey will be a lovely experience.

There are some specific breed of animals that are indigenous to this area like Ankara cat, goat, and rabbit. 

Moscow, Russia:

The capital and the largest city of Russia, Moscow sitting on the Moskva River, is the heart of Russia. A perfect blend of history and culture, one must visit Moscow to unearth diversity in everything. Explore grand Russian architecture when you visit the red-bricked walls of the Kremlin. Make it a point to take a picture in front of the world-famous Basil’s Cathedral and take in the rich historical vibe of Red Square which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lenin’s Mausoleum and Bolshoi Theatre are two main sights you will visit. Moscow GUM store is famous for its intricate architecture, glass roof, and glass facade, and along with that, it houses over 200 boutique stores. A global and iconic city, Moscow being the largest city on the European continent certainly seeks a visit.

Budapest, Hungary:

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest is a place to visit if you want to have an idea about how former ‘Eastern Europe ‘ was.

here the fairy tale castles look straight out of a movie scene. The old churches and bridges connecting Buda and Pest whisper the city’s long history. Budapest is a perfect blend of culture and styles. The famous House of Parliament sitting right on the Danube Riverfront on the Buda side is the most beautiful building in the city. Meandering medieval streets, fantastic examples of sculpture and art at every nook and corner of the city, unique culture, good food, fabulous thermal baths – everything make Budapest one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.

Berlin, Germany:

The capital and also the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a city of vigorous dynamism. Its alluring culture, rich cradled history, the famous Berlin wall, its eclectic architecture, and intense nightlife; the city will surely make a strong impression on its visitors. It has seen black days of history. It has seen destruction due to World War II. The city has gone through phases of building and rebuilding. And today Berlin is one of the most iconic cities in Europe that is not only a major tourist destination but also is an alpha city of culture, politics, media, and science. 

Visit Berlin to experience its dynamic cultures and also explore its attractions. The Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Museum Island, the Berlin Wall, Schloss-Charlottenburg, Botanical Garden, and Liquidrom are some of the most visited tourist sights in this stunning Western European city. If you are planning to settle down in a European city, then, let us tell you that, Berlin is one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe to live in.

Tokyo, Japan:

Opulent, modern, and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo is Japan’s capital and is an exciting destination with natural beauty, fashion, food, and traditionalism. A postcard-like pristine city with numerous gardens that showcase the best of the fall foliage, a city with a 1000-year-old temple and the ago old Sumo culture, the Japanese capital is certainly one of our favorites. It has unrivaled nightlife, an array of skyscrapers, unlimited options for shopping enthusiasts. Come and pay a visit to this lit city to get up close and personal with something that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Washington D.C, United States:

There is no dearth of exciting things to do in Washington D.C. With the greatest collection of touristy things and cultural extravaganza, Washington D.C. is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world one will ever get to visit. Museums, memorials, food, arts, nightlife, eclectic neighborhoods – it is a vacationer’s dream destination. If you want to learn about America’s history, come to the capital city. Witness the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetary, get to the Capitol Hill and Lincoln Memorial. Catch a show at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and also visit the White House. Taste its iconic foods and shop your heart out at Downtown Washington, you have to visit the U.S. capital for a soul-filling experience.

Cape Town, South Africa:

It is impeccable and it is outstanding, Cape Town is not only one of the best capital cities in the world but also is one of the best cities to visit on the whole planet. Its beautiful natural setting, amazing landmarks like Cape Point and Table Mountain, and the World Heritage Site, Robben Island – there is a lot on the plate when it comes to talking about Cape Town’s attractive destinations. Rich in biodiversity, full of lush green and various kinds of flora, Cape Town is definitely a paradise for nature lovers. Coupled with a mild climate, good infrastructure, and good food, Cape Town offers its visitors a bunch of happening things to do over there.

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