Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is incredible. Considered as one of the best cities in the world, this port city is the darling and thriving heart of South Africa. Popularly known as ‘Mother City’, this is also the legislative capital of South Africa and the second-most populous city. That was a little dose of general knowledge! Its beautiful natural setting, amazing landmarks like Cape Point and Table Mountain, and the World Heritage Site, Robben Island, there is a lot on the plate when it comes to talking about Cape Town’s attractive destinations. Rich in biodiversity, full of lush green and various kinds of flora, Cape Town, South Africa is definitely a paradise for the nature lovers. Coupled with a mild climate, good infrastructure, and good food, Cape Town offers her visitors a bunch of happening things to do over there.

Planning a trip? We are so pleased to present before you this stunning list of the top-rated attractions in Cape Town, South Africa. Also, the article contains some lovely images of various places in Cape Town to inspire you visually.

Top-rated And Ravishing Places To Visit In Cape Town, South Africa:

Table Mountain:

If your luck favors you and there is no cloud cover, a hike up to the Table Mountain can reward you with a spectacular view of the surrounding. If you don’t like to hike, you can also prefer using the cableway and no one is gonna judge you for that. The cable-cars can carry up to 5 passengers per trip and during your journey to the top, you will get to see outstanding 360-degree scenery of the mountain below. Table Mountain which is a flat-topped mountain that overlooks the city of Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city.

Being a vivid center of tourist attraction, this looming mountain is home to the smallest though richest floral kingdom on earth. Appreciate the rich biodiversity of the mountain and if you are feeling adventurous enough, try abseiling and climbing. The mountain is also known as ‘mountain of the sea’ as it looks like it has directly risen from the ocean.

Cape Of Good Hope:

One of the southernmost tips of the African continent, Cape of Good Hope must be on your travel bucket list while in Cape Town. It is rich in wildlife and you might get a good chance to spot some Eland, Hartebeest, Bontebok, Zebra, and Ostrich. Do not miss to visit the Buffelsfontein Visitor Centre.

If you are adventure enthusiast, good news for you as the Cape of Good Hope offers splendid opportunities for hiking, surfing, beaching, and cycling that you would love to explore. The backdrop of sprawling vistas, cliffs, and the sound of crashing waves – being at this most legendary point of the city is really gonna enthrall you.

Robben Island:

In Dutch, Robben Island translates to Seal Island. An island in the middle of Table Bay, this place is the most historic location in South Africa. This land was the former prison land of South Africa and probably it resonates the country’s  disturbed political past the best.

From Nelson Mandela Gateway, at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, you will get ferries that will transport to the island and on your way, you may even spot some dolphins, penguins, and seals, if you are lucky enough.

Upon reaching, the first site that you must visit is the Prison No. 7 that is most infamous for being the address of Nelson Mandela during his 18 years period of captivation. The second most important spot to visit here is the Prison Museum. You must take a guided tour to know everything about the prison. Visit the Penguin Sanctuary, the lighthouse, the limestone quarry, and the hospital during your visit. Exploring the historic Robben Island is one of the must-do things during your trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

Clifton Beaches:

First of all, let us tell you that, Clifton is the poshest real estate in South Africa. And in this region there are four beaches that are separated from each other by strip of granite boulders. All these four beaches are glamorously beautiful with sweeping view of the Atlantic and sights of scenic yachts lying at anchor.

The 1st beach remains comparatively less-crowded but lacks in coziness. The other three beaches are happening and will assure you comfort, sun, and sand. The 4th beach is a blue flag beach and is often frequented by the stars and celebrities. The Clifton Beaches are no doubt the best beaches in Cape Town, South Africa. You may swim in the water but do it at your risk as the water here is chillingly cold.

Camps Bay Beach:

Camps Bay is Cape Town’s one of the most beautiful suburbs and it is one of the premier tourist destinations in Cape Town, South Africa. The region has a very laid back relaxed feel against a stunning backdrop of mountains and has a breathtaking view of the azure ocean.

The beachfront here is open day and night and it is also the most preferred destination among the destination wedding lovers. Well adorned with plush restaurants, lodging, and great ambiance, Camps Bay Beach is one of the most loved tourist attractions in Cape Town.


Best explored on your foot, Bo-Kaap is a colorful neighborhood of Cape Town that sits on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre. Formerly known as Malay Quarter, Bo-Kaap means ‘above the Cape’ in Afrikaans.

The first thing you will notice while entering this town is its bright colored buildings and cobbled streets. A multicultural, mostly Muslim neighborhood of Cape Town, Bo-Kaap is also the oldest surviving residential neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa.

You must visit the Bo-Kaap Museum that highlights the Cape Muslim culture at its best. The museum’s voorstoep pattern is one of the striking features of the Cape Muslim culture. With most of the buildings painted in happy colors like bright yellow, blue, red, pastel pink, and neon green, the town will prove to be a nice backdrop for your best pictures in the country.

Franschhoek Wine Valley:

No Cape Town tour can come to an end without a perfect wine tour. And this wine valley which is considered as one of the best valleys in the country must be on your itinerary for sure. This wine land offers you breathtaking scenery, best wines, a rustic atmosphere and it also happens to be more than 300 years old in age.

Originally settled by French Huguenot refugees in 1688, the wine and food culture of this valley is very very old. There are many organized tours here that take you on a trip to the boutique wineries and ensure the best experience of wine tasting and tours.

One of the best ways to bag the best of the best views and experiences in this valley is to opt for a Franschhoek Wine Valley Tram tour. Get to see the rolling vineyards, have world-class food at different restaurants, and enjoy the scenic charm en route while you take a ride on this hop-on hop-off tram tour.

Cape Town, South Africa has its timeless charm that woos the travelers every time. Often been named the most beautiful city in the world, this city is vibrant and ensures comfortable and safe travel to its visitors. Mild weather, great nature, lip-smacking food, city life, Cape Town offers you everything and that too on a very affordable budget compared to other cities in the world. Come here and enjoy the best of South Africa.

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