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Solo travel is truly a life-changing experience. Getting to travel the whole world all by yourself without anybody’s preference is a delightful thought. Maybe all of us crave for it, at least once in our lifetime. But it is undeniable that the whole world is not safe for solo travelers. There are many such places like Egypt, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Peru, Jamaica, etc that are not at all safe for solo travel. At some places there are growing risks of terrorist attacks and some places experience other kinds of violence. So when you are traveling solo, you must pick up such destinations that are safe, free from any vulnerabilities, and do not pose any kind of threat to the travelers. So if you are planning to give solo traveling a try these are a few place recommendations for you that you can really take into consideration.

Solo travel means exploring the world in your own way. You can customize your trip the way you like and delve into the beauty of a new place without worrying about your companion’s likings and disliking. Traveling depends on personal choice. Some prefer majesty of mountains and some want to immerse into the beauty of an azure ocean. Leave nature, you can also choose city life over natural beauty. There are so many glittering cities all over the world ensuring solo traveler’s utmost comfort and safety. Roam about on the streets freely, have a coffee break whenever you feel tired and your solo trip will be as satisfying as you expect it to be. There are some simple tricks and tips to make the maximum of your solo travel. We will come up with another article focusing on that topic later on if you want.

For now let’s have a glimpse on the best destinations in the world that are perfect for solo travel. Let’s dig in.

Best Solo Travel Destinations In The World That Are Safe To Travel Alone:


The second-largest country in the world, Canada is one of the safest countries for solo travel. Classy cities, greeneries, mountains to beaches – Canada delivers you all sorts of taste. Just set your itinerary according to your travel purpose. The locals are humble and helpful. Public transport system is fantastic in cities. A year round destination, Canada offers you a bouquet of different places. Head to Ottawa, the country’s capital. Set visits to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto. In Ontario, nobody would like to miss the majestic Niagara Falls.

It is a country that has some of the lowest crime rates in the world and its amazing infrastructure makes traveling across the country so much effortless. Almost everywhere, people speak in English and the country is so unmissable for many reasons. Shopping, good food, wine – enjoy the extreme joy of solo travel in ‘The Great White North’.

South Korea:

The land of K-pop is one of the best places for solo travel. Koreans are so friendly and they will never leave a chance to help you out if you are in trouble. The country’s capital, Seoul is all equipped with modern facilities and transport systems. Even if you are on a budget, Seoul won’t disappoint you as it has so many budget-friendly food and lodging options. It has a low crime rate, the country has super internet connectivity, and people wouldn’t shy away from speaking English, in case you want them to speak.

Traveling here is fun and if you are traveling solo for the first time, make South Korea your maiden travel destination. Explore Myeong-Dong, Gangnam. Taste Kimchi, and do a lot of shopping, Korea will never disappoint you.


A city with diverse culture, vast public transport network, cheap eats to luxe restaurants, so many affordable things to do – London is a solo traveler’s delight even if you are trying something like this for the first time. Here language is no barrier and traveling in and around the city is fuss-free. Download the London Tube app when you are opting for London Underground or take the buses if you want. Walking is a fantastic means of transport when you want to visit big landmarks on the same street. Let us tell you here, it needs a lot of walking around the square and streets.

Although London is expensive, it can be done on a budget too. Home to Big Ben, the very famous London Eye, fairy tale Thames River – the UK capital is even safe during the night. So go museum hopping, take the walking city tours, enjoy scrumptious food around – London is a dream destination that you can explore on solo travel too.


From backpackers to newly-wed couples, everybody loves Thailand for a reason. This Southeast Asian country houses everything from happening tropical beaches to ruins to temples. And its capital, Bangkok is everything that anybody would think of in a stunning ultramodern city. The country is always full of tourists and will keep you on your toe for a couple of days. So at times, you may even forget that you are there for solo travel.

If you are on a budget trip, stay in a hostel to curtail cost. They are clean and cheap. If you know how to ride, good for you, as you can make the most of scooter riding here in this country.  Motorbikes are affordable to rent and you can explore the country on your own. Visit the offshore islands that include Ko Samui and Phuket, admire beautiful limestone formations, admire flashy cities, and dig in its cuisines – Thailand is a country with great opulence.


Ireland is such a happy-go-lucky place. Even safe for solo travel for females, the country is so well connected by train and bus networks. Take part in so many day tours and you can even head to a pub at night without any worries. An Irish vacation is just perfect for setting a solo trip and here also you get cheap eateries and accommodation options. Apart from some petty issues here and there, the overall crime rate of Ireland is low. If you are facing any problem, Irish Police are there to help you out. Oh, in this context, let us tell you, Irish Police are known as ‘Gardai’.

Ireland is a land of the eclectic landscape. From heading to the north to visit awesome Giant’s Causeway to exploring so many outdoor pursuits, the Emerald Isle is full of happening things to do in and around. Make Dublin your base and set for the day trips from there, your Irish vacation is gonna be a vacation of a lifetime.


Traveling in Australia on your own is such a liberating experience. Great Barrier Reef, Uluru to stunning cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney – you can travel as much as you can in Australia. Use public transport because that is cheap and easy to get. Go for walking tours to travel like a local. Australia is one of those countries with low crime rates and a stable society. One of the best parts about solo travel in Australia is that it has crowded destinations as well as remote destinations. So if you are feeling lonely, go to the places where most of the visitors flock. Else go to the remote or distant places.

There are national parks, bronzed beaches, the very special Kangaroo Island, and famous attractions like Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Come to Australia and solo travel here will never fail to surprise you.

The Philippines:

Fascinating sand beaches to beautiful rolling hills to lagoons, the Philippines is chosen by travelers who love to travel in a unique way. La Union is one of the best places for solo travelers that is accessible from Manila. If you are interested in surfing, La Union is one of the best places to start that as it is a beginner-friendly location. Batanes, ‘Home of the Winds’ must be on our itinerary if you want to get lost in the scenic beauty that consists of hills, cliffs, and unspoiled nature.

It is peaceful and you can travel here on your own. The coves and lagoons in Palawan are just breathtaking. And if you want to enjoy the best of the marine ecosystem, just try snorkeling here. Chocolate Hills in Bohol, El Nido’s true beauty, you won’t even feel like leaving the Philippines after witnessing its spotless beauty. It is safe, has hospitable people, and is one of the best places to satisfy travelers with adventurous souls. We love the Philippines.

Barcelona, Spain:

Spain is one of the first chosen countries for many solo travelers. And its big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia comes as the first pick. In Barcelona, you get drop-dead beautiful architecture, heavenly beaches, and arguably the best nightlife in Europe. Stroll on the beautiful medieval streets on your own, head to the cafes for lip-smacking food. Public transport is easy to use, the city has a frolicking environment that is always bustling, and there is always a good vibe everywhere. So many of the excellent museums are there to wonder at and so many of Gaudi Sites are there to admire – you will feel a shortage of days if you want to complete all the attractions here.

On solo travel, do the less touristy things like discovering less crowded restaurants while strolling on alleys and trying local food there. Taking a stroll down pretty La Ramblas is also one of the must-do things in Barcelona. If you are on a budget, try staying in hostels or Airbnbs. Take walking tours and use public transports. Barcelona’s comfortable weather and great cityscape will be such a good host for you.

New York City, United States:

New York or New York City with its iconic Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and famous Central Park is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. And it is also extremely popular as a solo travel hotspot. Explore the streets of Manhattan on your own or visit the NYC parks. Enjoy the best dining and shopping experiences or head to Montauk for a quick calming retreat – NYC is more than just a travel destination. Take the subways as nearly all the subways meet at Times Square which is the center of the city. New York City is easy to navigate, there are solo dining spots in the city like Café Habana and Meatball Shop and solo travel experience in ‘The Big Apple’ is such a rewarding one.

Solo travel does not only let you visit different places. It teaches you lessons. It makes you confident and teaches you how to take your own responsibility. Traveling solo makes you alert, improves your mental health, and you grow as a person. You get to fight against your weaknesses making yourself stronger and more confident. So there are a ton of benefits of solo traveling. Plus you make memories that are just yours and are in your own way. So if you have just got the travel bug biting you, get ready and make your first solo travel happen. Place recommendations? You have just got so many of them. YAY!!!

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