Hobart Tasmania

Hobart is the first Australian city to have a casino. And Hobart also is the most southern Australian capital city. If you are looking out for fresh foods, an amazing art scene to unmatched natural beauty – look no farther than the Tassie capital. Tasmania is the darling state of Australia. And Hobart is its heart. From great nature escapades to historic sites to everything in between, Hobart, Tasmania portrays the state’s diversity to the fullest. With the contrasting heritage, culture, and natural resources of the state, the city is a symbol of everything. Hobart’s tourism revolves around its great rugged mountains, exceptional wine culture, and incredible scenery. Mt. Wellington creates a perfect backdrop for this unique Australian city and it is also the gateway to one of the world’s smoldering wilderness areas. Planning a trip to the capital of Tasmania that is on the farthest corner of Australasia? You need to check out all these attractive places that make this city a magical destination. 

Visit Hobart, Tasmania during the summer season. This is the time when the weather remains pleasant and the maximum average temperature rises up to only 23 degrees centigrade. Hobart enjoys a mild, temperate, maritime climate and its climate is colder than many Australian cities. So if you are planning to visit the Tassie capital, make the plan during the summer months that run from December to March. 

Top-rated And Best Places To Visit In Hobart, Tasmania:


One of Hobart’s main attractions, the Museum of Old and New Art is the largest privately funded museum in the Southern Hemisphere. David Dominic Walsh who is an Australian professional gambler is the owner of this art museum and the museum houses an extensive collection of David Walsh’s ancient, modern, and contemporary art pieces. MONA is not like your usual museums. Its central theme is ‘sex and death’ and for that reason, the museum has always attracted controversies. The museum is housed underground and offers many interactive interpretations. Famous as a ‘subversive adult Disneyland’, the museum offers you something that is totally unique. Apart from its great collection of art, MONA also hosts many annual arts and music festivals where many live performances and public art is housed. 

Mount Wellington:


Want to be at a summit of a mountain that is just 30 minutes away from the city center? Hobart has Mt. Wellington for you. Named as Kunanyi in the indigenous Tasmanian language of Palawa Kani, the mountain gets covered by snow even in the summer months. A place that is loved by the locals as well as tourists for its wilderness experience, it is a great place to enjoy the fresh white snow. Go for some mountain hiking and explore the short walks. When you are done with soaking in nature, have a cozy drink at The Springs. 

A drive to the top of the mountain lets you spend some time amidst the wild native animals of the region and if possible, take in some pristine view of the sunset over the city from the top of the mountain. From the snowy top of the mountain, one can also get to see Hobart, Bruny Island, and the Tasman Peninsula which is so breathtaking. Looming large over the city of Hobart, Tasmania, this mountain is incredible.

Salamanca Place:


Hobart’s historic, creative, and cultural pulse, the 500m-long row of Salamanca Place houses sandstone buildings that were formerly warehouses for the port of Hobart Town. These old Georgian warehouses once were of the sailors and whalers. But now they have been transformed into various art galleries, theatres, and cafes. These buildings were built sometime between 1835 and 1860 and are synonymous with the city’s heritage. Not only restaurants and pubs, but a few of these heritage buildings have also even been transformed into performance spaces.

Salamanca Market:


The most famous attraction of Salamanca Place is obviously the Salamanca Market which is organized on the street of Salamanca Place every Saturday morning. The market sees more than 300 vendors selling everything from vegetables, fruits to ceramics, leather goods, many locally crafted art pieces, and wooden artifacts, and this market is one of the most popular and most vibrant outdoor markets in entire Australia. The market transforms Hobart’s waterfront into a celebration destination every Saturday. When you are done visiting the market, sit at a cozy cafe and indulge in hot coffee and some delicious lunch options.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens:


Located within the Queens Domain in Hobart, Tasmania, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens established in the year 1818 are the second oldest Botanical Gardens in Australia. Set on a hill, these gardens show wonderful seasonal beauties and are one of the main highlights of Tasmanian tourism. With an extremely good historic collection of plants, the gardens are also home to the world’s only Subantarctic Plant House. The gardens are only a short stroll from the Central Business District of Hobart and visiting this one of its kind garden is one of the most quintessential Tasmanian experiences to gather.

Tasmanian Museum And Art Gallery:


Locating in Hobart, Tasmania and built in 1846, Tasmanian Museum And Art Gallery is a great sightseeing option. If you have an interest in the natural history, art, and ancient culture of Tasmania, a visit to the TMAG is a must for you. It is the second oldest museum in Australia and will give you a great educational and entertaining experience. A family-friendly place to visit in Hobart, one has to come to TMAG that can be visited on a free guided tour. The museum houses a perfect combination of permanent, touring as well as temporary exhibitions.

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