Dog Friendly Beaches

Taking your furry friend along with you on a vacation is fun. It is really disheartening when you are planning for a beach holiday and you are bound to leave your cute doggo back home as the beach destination you are choosing won’t allow your furry friend at the beach. Many beaches don’t allow pets as the pet owners do not obey the rules and regulations these beaches have. And at times, dogs become mischievous and do not follow their master’s instructions. So you must train your dog really well before you think of taking him or her to a beach. There is a nice share of dog-friendly beaches around the world where you can spend some quality time with your furry doggo.

You need to find out the pet policies the respective beaches have before you pack your bag and hit the beach with your pup. Whether or not the beach allows your dog off-leash, whether or not the beach allows aggressive dogs – these are a few things you should do a little bit of homework about. Pack the stuffs your doggo will need while enjoying at the beach. Like extra bottle, water, a waste bag to clean up your doggo’s poop, a first-aid kit, etc. when you have smartly packed all the needed stuffs and you are well aware of all the laws, these dog-friendly beaches can be of immense fun for you and for your pet friend too.

Let’s sniff out now some of the most convenient dog-friendly beaches around the world that are just pawsome. Oh, hello, do not forget to pack a pet-safe sunblock cream. Yes, dogs really get sunburnt just like you do!

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches Around the World To Visit:

Huntington Dog Beach, California:

One of the most top-rated dog-friendly beaches in California as well as in the US, Huntington Beach is a fun place where your pup can play, jump, and socialize with other doggos while you savor the beach life. The beach has a stretch of 1.5 miles between Goldenwest and Seaport that is totally dedicated to the pups. Not only at beaches, but your four-legged friends are also welcome to the restaurants, parks, and hotels here. The beach also hosts some dog-centric events throughout the year. Check out that calender before planning your trip. Events like So Cal Corgi Beach Day and Surf City Surf Dog are some of the most popular dog events. The beach is open from 5 am to 10 pm and is equipped with some of the best amenities.

Jupiter Beach (Off-leash Beach), Florida:

This is one of the best off-leash beaches in Florida. Let your dogs freely run around and make their feet sandy. Remember, sandy feet are happy feet. There is a well-marked dog area of 2.5 miles that runs from marker no. 25 to marker no. 57 at the south end of Carlin Park. One of the largest dog-friendly beaches on the east coast of the US, the beach also has poop bags and trash cans too at the exits. You need to follow certain dog rules being the dog owner and then it would be a very enjoyable experience for you and your furry friend.

Hadden Park Dog Beach – Vancouver, Canada:

With the beautiful view of North Shore mountains, English Bay, and Vancouver – Hadden Park is one of the top 5 dog beaches in Vancouver. It remains busy year-round and even in the winter. The Kitsilano Point is a popular off-leash dog park that lets your fido run and jump and swim and explore all the way. The area has amenities like water fountains and bathrooms and remains open from 6 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm in the summer. Note that the parking area is really limited.

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago:

The northwest corner of Montrose Beach on Lake Michigan is an off-leash fenced dog park that your Fido will love to have fun at. The park area is guarded and volunteered by MonDog or Montrose Dog Owners Group and their mission is to provode chicago residents and their furry friends a funful and safe beach experience.

The beach is Chicago’s first legal off-leash beach and remains open till 9 pm. The entrance to the dog beach is free but you need to buy a $5 DFA tag to get to the off-leash area. The beach has several amenities among which free dog waste bags and a dog-wash area are a few to mention.

Crikvenica, Croatia:

Europe also hosts a large number of dog-friendly beaches. And this dog beach in Croatia is one of the top-rated among all of them. It has all those good things that will make your waggy-tailed friend enjoy the best summer days of his life. Make him enjoy the ocean wave or just relax for some time under the umbrella, the beach has spaces for both you and your pup.

Do not forget to check out Monty’s Beach Bar that is a lively place to enjoy with your dogs. There are paid showers for humans and free washing and drinking water for dogs. Not only that, there is a beachside playground too where your doggo can romp and jump with extra borrowed toys! The story does not end here. The bar has special treats for the doggos. They serve fresh homemade ice creams specially made for your pooch and a special beer named ‘Shuffle’. The drink is non-alcoholic and made from beef or chicken and malt barley extracts. Food for you will also be in abundance. Come here and enjoy a summer day like never before.

Noordwijk Beach, Noordwijk, The Netherlands:

This beach is voted as one of the best beaches in the world and is a fun place to take your pooch along. One part of the beach is open to the pups year-round and there is another part that allows dogs only from September to May. This beautiful beach on the North Sea coast has plenty of sand areas, dunes, and dog-friendly eateries.

In spring, when Noordwijk is surrounded by awesome tulip flowers, the beach becomes even more rejoicing. The beach also has a designated walking path for your pooch. Maintain the tidiness of the beach and abide by the laws of the beach.

Killiney Hill Beach, Dublin:

A dog-friendly café, on-leash dog-walk, a breathtaking view from the hilltop, Killiney Hill Beach is a paradise for both you and your doggo. The furry friends can enjoy a swim while socializing with other furry mates. And a quick treat at the dog-friendly café near the Victoria Gates in the Square Tower is a must when you visit this beautiful beach. Killiney Hill Beach is a heaven for the dogs. You will love walking on the beautiful path along with your canine friend while enjoying the spectacular view of Killiney Beach.

Rimini No Problem Dog Beach, Rimini, Italy:

You literally can not enter this unique beach if you do not have a dog. Yes, friends, humans are only allowed at this beach is they are accompanying doggos, otherwise not.  This beach is one of its kind and is one of the award-winning dog beaches in Italy. There are fenced and unfenced umbrellas for your dogs to relax. There is an agility area where your Fido can jump and run, a specific shower area only meant for your doggos. Free dog training courses are also available. This is such a unique and lovely dog-friendly beach that welcomes your pups to a world full of happiness and jumping around.

Sesoko Beach, Okinawa, Japan:

Talking about dog-friendly beaches in Asia, this Beautiful beach in Japan invites you and your pup for a long walk on the clean buttery sandy stretch. The beach is pristine, the water is clear – the beach resembles the beauty of a picture-perfect postcard. Now you do not need to leave your canine friend behind while you pack up for your beach vacay in Japan. It is also consistently rated as one of the best beaches in Okinawa.

Willard Beach, Portland, Maine:

This 4-acre sandy stretch in south Portland welcomes your pet to the splashy waves and welcomes you to the outstanding views of Spring Point Ledge Light. During the summer months, you can leave your doggo to run off-leash from 7 am to 9 am and in the off-season, which runs from September 30 to May 1st, they can enjoy off-leash running and romp around anytime. The beach is scenic and gives you the opportunity to visit the Portland Head Light lighthouse that is the most photographed lighthouse in the country.

Being a responsible dog owner is the first thing to keep in mind when you are planning for a beach holiday with your pup. Keeping the beach clean is your duty so that the place can preserve its beauty. If your dog is extra aggressive, you need to be extra careful too. While you are taking your dog from the car parking area to the beach, you must keep your dog on-leash. Well-behaved, well-socialized dogs are always welcome to these above-mentioned dog-friendly beaches. Now you don’t need to say your pooch goodbye and leave them behind. Bring your cuddly buddy along with you to these outstanding dog-friendly beaches and enjoy your holiday in the best pawssible way.

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