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The capital and also the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a city of vigorous dynamism. Its alluring culture, rich cradled history, the famous Berlin wall, its eclectic architecture, and intense nightlife; the city will surely make a strong impression on its visitors. First time in Berlin, Germany or seeking for some real inspirations on which places to visit in this glorious city to bag the best travel experience ever? Here you need to give a quick read to this write up to plan out your next vacation to this utterly gorgeous city. From museums to the all famous TV Tower, from the incredible Berlin Cathedral to exploring Oranienburger Street for the best-ever nightlife experience – we have got all of them covered.

Berlin, Germany has seen heart-wrenching black days of history. World Wars II completely devastated the city. Berlin was split into two and Berlin Wall was built. Then in 1989, the wall was toppled and the city was again rebuilt. Yes, Berlin has witnessed such ups and downs and has grown up as an ever diverse city with stunning sights and dynamic cultures. Let’s have a look at the city’s most attractive sights and set up your Berlin, Germany itinerary.

Reasons You Need To Plan Your Next Vacation To Berlin, Germany:

 The Brandenburg Gate:

There are some iconic structures in every country that proudly stand as the most significant landmark of that country’s history. Brandenburg is of such importance for Berlin, Germany. This national icon has become synonymous with the identity of Germany and despite its dark history of dividing the nation, now it symbolizes the nation’s unity and peace.

The landmark is an 18th century neo-classical structure that was inspired by the Propylaea that is the gateway to the Athens Acropolis. A major tourist destination of the city, this gate must be on your bucket list if you are visiting Berlin for the first time. The four-horse copper chariot drawn by Queen Victoria on the top of the gate is a gorgeous treat to the eyes.

Get The Best View Of The City From The TV Tower:

They say that if the Eiffel Tower is to Paris then the TV Tower is to Berlin. With an initial mission to build it as a symbol of Communist power and a symbol of the city as well, the Television Tower (Fernsehturm) stands as the tallest structure in Germany and the third-tallest structure in the European Union.

The Berliner Fernsehturm in Central Berlin locates in Marien quarter, close to Alexanderplatz in the Mitte district. The incredible structure serves as the location of many radio and television broadcasting stations and it is also an observation deck that sits 203 meters high above the ground.

You can buy your ticket from the ticket desk at the Berlin TV Tower and with that, you will be eligible to go up to the observation deck. Online tickets can also be bought to avoid the long queue. From the deck, you will get to see an unforgettable panoramic view of the entire city. Besides, your ticket will also be valid for the bar 203 located on the deck.

Museum Island:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1999, Museum Island is a wonderful entity of five museums just at the heart of Berlin, Germany. Visiting Berlin and missing out on this captivating island? That just can’t happen. Apart from the world-famous stucco-coated limestone ‘bust of Nefertiti’, the Museum Island, in its five individual museums houses the magnificent Pergamon Altar and Ishtar Gate.

Basically, Museum Island is the northern half of an island that is in the Spree River in the central Mitte district. The island is accessible by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and also by trams. M1 and M12 trams stop at Kupfergraben, from there, Museum Island is a couple of minutes far away.

The five museums of the Island are as follows:

  • Altes Museum (Old Museum)
  • The Neues Museum (New Museum)
  • The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery)
  • The Bode Museum
  • The Pergamon Museum

Your holiday to Berlin is actually never complete until and unless you pay a visit to this breathtaking Museum Island.

Thai Park:

If you love unique, lesser-known but unique places, you have to manage some time to visit this tiny little stretch of a green park named as the “Preußenpark”. You can find this unusual cute park in Wilmersdorf, an inner-city locality of Berlin. On the usual days, it is Preußenpark or Prussian Park but on the summer Sundays, it alters into the very famous Thai Park. You will get to experience a whole Thai culture in full celebration mode just in Berlin’s inner locality. That’s unique right?

For more than 20 years now, the Thai community of Berlin has been gathering here on the weekends to sell delicious Asian street food. Munch on some mouthwatering steamed buns, noodle soups, curries, and whatnot. Enjoy the carnival under the colorful umbrellas, embrace their culture and warmth, and it is going to be one of the craziest experiences of yours while you are in Berlin, Germany.

The Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) is a must-try there.


Berlin is so full of quirky and unique destinations and Liquidrom is surely one in that long list. Sitting right at the heart of Berlin, on the west of Potsdamer Platz, Liquidrom is a plush German spa with a futuristic architecture. You will be astonished to know that the architecture of this grand spa is based on the structure of a circus tent. Fascinating, no?

What do you get here? Well, the lavish spa has four nude saunas, one outdoor heated pool, and a surreal indoor saltwater pool too. What makes your swimming sensation in this pool even more relaxing is the classical or electronic underwater music that plays here. So if you were looking for an off-beat place in Berlin where you can soothe your skin with the salt rub and enjoy the relaxing moments floating in the pool while the local and guest DJs play enigmatic music for you, look no further than this gleaming spa.     

East Side Gallery:

One of the most popular sights in the Capital of Germany, the East Side Gallery is an open-air gallery consisting of a series of murals. The paintings are directly done on parts of the great Berlin wall, near to the center of Berlin.

Attracting more than three million visitors per year, the gallery is possibly the largest and longest-lasting open-air gallery in the entire world. A walk along this 1.3 kilometers stretch of walls will amaze you with some of the quirkiest artworks. The wall has got a protected memorial status and over 110 artists from different parts of the world have contributed to the alluring artwork of this wall. So, visit this unique wall along the River Spree and admire how beautifully the history, the change of time, and different social events have been portrayed on the wall branding it as a masterpiece of artwork.

Berlin Zoological Gardens:
The Elephant Gate Entrance Of The Berlin Zoo

It is the oldest zoo in Berlin and it provides shelter to more than 20,000 big and small animals that include more than 1,380 different species. It is also the oldest zoo in Germany attracting over 3.5 million tourists every year.

Besides the normal animals, this zoo has gained international popularity because of Knut, an orphaned polar bear that was born in this zoo. His mother abandoned him and he was raised by the zookeepers. Apart from that, the Zoological Gardens are also home to Europe’s biggest aviary and a large aquarium named ‘Aquarium Berlin’.

The zoo has experienced catastrophic episodes of destruction during World War II and the Battle of Berlin. But successful breeding programs have successfully increased the number of rare animals in this zoo gaining its global name and acclaim.            

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens:

When it comes to talking about museums and gardens, Berlin is one of the best in the business. Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin. Representing a wonderful blend of Baroque and Rococo architectural style, this palace houses an Old Palace (Altes Schloss) and a New Wing (Neuer Flugel).

The Palace Garden was designed in 1697, again presenting the baroque style. It features a carp pool and houses largely spread out lawn that is lined by green plants and trees. It is a great place for family outing boasting of its grand architecture and history. The Charlottenburg Palace Garden is one of the must-visit places in Berlin, Germany.

Explore The Best Eateries In Berlin, Germany:

Bratwurst with mashed potatoes

When you are in the country’s capital you must try some rich and delicious authentic German food for sure. With Bratwurst being the most talked about and popular food in Germany, there are also other options for you to try out.

Pratergarten sells the best Bratwurst in the city and is very cozy for a group hang out. You need to visit The Bird in Prenzlauer Berg to taste that big, elaborate cheesy burger. And head to Konnopke’s Imbiss to eat some delicious Currywurst. Currywurst is a dish that has steamed and fried pieces of pork sausages that they serve with sweet ketchup and curry spice. Curry 36 is another hot favorite when it comes to talking about the best Currywurst in the city.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, go to the Five Elephant Café or to the Hokey Pokey. While the former sells the best cheesecake and coffee, the later one will woo you with the best creamy ice cream in the town.


Shop Till You Drop:

When you are visiting a new place away from your homeland, you are bound to shop something or the other that you can take back to your home as a souvenir or as gifting purpose. And if you are a shopaholic like us, you must be searching for some great shopping destinations to shop your heart out.

Berlin, Germany has almost 70 different shopping centers that include ravishing shopping malls to street shopping, everything. You need to head to Kurfürstendamm Street to get your hands on some trendy fashion, beauty, and designer stuff. There is Alexa at a walking distance from the station Alexanderplatz. There you get brands like Northface, Tommy Hilfiger, Quicksilver, etc. Other popular shopping destinations include Schlossstrasse, East Side Mall, Hackescher Markt, and many more.

Berlin, Germany is an experience altogether. With its mesmerizing architecture and culture, age-old history, marvelous gardens, and palaces – the city holds a special position in every travel-lover’s bucket list. May to September is the ideal time to visit the largest city in Germany. The weather remains warm and sunny providing you enough scope to get done with all the stunning places that the town has to offer. So these were some of the best destination recommendations for you for a lifetime Berlin experience. Hope you have got inspiration from our recommendations. So plan your trip to Berlin quickly and set a visit. And stay all happy and healthy till we come up with our next post real soon.

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